BAGAIL Laundry Bag Mesh Wash Bag for Intimates Lingerie and Delicates


Color: A White
Size: 2M,1XL,2L
$ 8.99 USD
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4999 reviews
Durable enough for “hand wash only?,I’ve had these for 2 years now

and they’re still going strong. I use them to wash hand wash only items on a delicate cycle and I’ve had Zero issues with that. Granted I have a top loading machine with no agitator so that helps and I don’t dry anything in them (besides shoes once to minimize bouncing and it even held up to that

Nice product for laundary

I have never used this product before, I have used it based on my friend’s recommendation. This product looks nice


We have used these bags once and they are already falling apart.

It's worth buying! ?,It came in seven different sizes of bags! I loved the bra and lingerie bags....

it will protect the fabrics of my clothes next time I throw them in the washer. 😊"

Possibly Previously Used

The bags appeared new upon receiving them; however, after the first wash with them the clothes that were placed inside the garment bags were covered in hair and lint. I had not even used them in the dryer only the washer and the hairs were short tiny black hairs that do not match anyone or any animal in our household. The lint was almost weaved into the fabric which appeared odd after only one use in the washer - I would think that happened overtime with multiple washes/drying. The whole lint and hair thing kind of swayed me away from them but otherwise they seem sturdy and came with multiple different sizes.

Hole in bag

Disappointed to find a hole in the bag right after opening.

Durable bags and Zipper stays in place

I was so excited to get these bags!! I only wear cotton and some spaghetti straps. So I can wash with jeans and every thing is protected.

Two zippers broke in first use!

Cheaply made; zippers on two broke after first use!

Probably won't last long if used a lot

I'm single and therefore don't have a lot of laundry. I probably do 5 loads a month. The bag in the picture is the one I have used the most averaging 2 loads each month. Not sure where the holes are coming from because I only use the bag for sports bras (no hooks), washing machine doesn't have agitator arm and it has never been used with bleach.I'll get my money's worth but anyone who will potentially use them a lot probably will not.Bought December 2019. Used approximately 48 times.

Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer
Highly recommend (review for set of 4 bra bags)

I would highly recommend the set of 4 bra bags. I had purchased a set back in August of 2019. Last week the zipper broke on one of the bags I had from a different brand. A quick search through my past orders on Amazon and I was able to find the same ones I purchased 2+ years ago. The pictures I’ve included show one of the bags from 2019 and one of the new bags side by side. The old one is slightly discolored from use (as in, I use these EVERY WEEK), but the pictures show the old is still in great shape!(Note: Since I use these to wash my bras, they do not go in the dryer. Once my delicates are finished washing on the delicate cycle, I remove them from the bags and hang everything to dry. Yes, these bags are quality, but I believe not putting them through the high heat of the dryer also helps them last longer.)