About Us

Bagail Electronic commerce Co., Ltd. is a leading general travel & home accessories company. We focus on independent design, production and sales of travel goods and various practical daily necessities.
Bagail products cover all kinds of supplies for travel and life, with practical functionality and higher performance than those of other peers, with reasonable price, creative thinking, premium materials and Manufacturing craftsmanship. We have different product sets for different consumer groups . We are constantly developing and expanding our product portfolio, and are committed to providing
consumers with one-stop shopping solutions for all travel products.

Bagail company is known for its fine detail and practicality of quality products. We offer more and better products at the best prices by utilizing feedbacks and lessons learnt from other quality product from other brands.

Whether It is your first time shopping with Bagail or not, please rest assured that we will work together to make you a happy customer. All Bagail products are covered by a 24-month warranty. We are committed to providing quality products to meet the needs of customers all over the world, backed by friendly, and responsive service.