6 Set 70D Ultralight Compression Packing Cubes Packing Organizer with Shoe Bag for Travel Accessories Luggage Suitcase Backpack


Color: Teal
$ 39.90 USD


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Amazing first impression!

I ordered these for an upcoming out of country trip. I wanted to be able to use my luggage wisely and have room for souvenirs on the way back. Between the XL and L, I was able to fit all that clothing, which looks like it will free up 75% of my suitcase for other items. While my clothing is thinner material (jeggings vs jeans), I was able to get the XL from around 4 high to 3. I think these will come in handy for all my trips and cant wait to put them to actual use, rather than a test.

Buy them!

These work great. You can fit allot of clothes into even the smallest bag, and keeps everything well organized. Easy to separate dirty vs clean clothes on the way back too. I was able to pack appropriately 18 outfits, plus swimwear, pj's and undergarments for a family of 3. (2 adults and 1 child). The picture shows how much I was able to fit in just 3 of the bags. (Not including the largest one)

Love these

I love travel compression bags and this is a great set. You get three smaller ones, a medium, a large, and also a shoe bag. These compression bags are so much better than packing cubes. We own several different sets and these are some of the best. The zippers are heavy duty and the seams are sewn well. These are great for traveling and would make a fantastic gift! Very pleased.

Beige is actually a peach color

I ordered this in beige because I wanted a light neutral. The actually color is pale peach and I am not a fan. Returning

Great organization

These are great for organizing your suitcase. I like a lot of tee-shirts and these bags helps me to keep them organized together. The zipper opens wide enough for the shirts to be placed in easily. The bag expands to about 3 inches. There is still enough room for packing other items in your suitcase. You get 6 of these, which is really great in separating clothing, underwear, and even keeping toiletries together.

Great Item

These are very well made. I didn't have any thread that was unravelling on these cubes and the assorted sizes made for easy packing. I got the matcha color and it's beautiful. There are two zipper functions one for zipping it closed and the other is the compression feature. Put your folded clothes in and then push down and zip around. This is a fantastic feature.I'm very happy with the product and would recommend these.

Organized Packing

I like using air-pressed bags for packing my luggage but it makes my clothes look like vacuum-packed food. It's useful but the clear bag shows all very private pieces and these compression packs do the same job without showing everyone my business. I like the different sizes the compression bags come in and it does make packing my clothes super organized. My husband travels for work so he's looking forward to using these compression bags on these trips. I also like the idea that the compression bags may keep the clothes from being too wrinkled so one less thing to worry about while on a trip. I may have to get these bags for the entire family as gifts.

Different sizes make packing easy

I like the color choices you have for these packing cubes. I got the teal green and am very happy with the shade. There are different sized bags for your clothing and this will help keep like items together when packing and unpacking. The bags themselves are very lightweight but made well and should last a while. I am satisfied with them and would recommend them as fairly good value for the price.

Susan Baker
Great way to pack efficiently

The packing cubes were very easy to pack. I was able to pack more in them than I expected. Saved a lot of space in our luggage & was very nice to have clothing organized so I could just pull out a cube as needed.

One came partially torn

One of the bags came partially torn and they didn't compress as well as I had hoped