BAGAIL 4 Set/6 Set Compression Packing Cubes Travel Expandable Packing Organizers


Color: Beige
$ 26.99 USD


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Amazon Customer Kathia CAmazon Customer Kathia C
Practico organizador

Compré estos organizadores para el viaje y me funcionaron para organizar mi ropa según tipo, pero no me funcionaron para comprimir el equipaje, para eso tuve que utilizar las bolsas a las que se les quita el aire

Where have these been all my life?

So my husband got a set of these for Christmas and I didnt think about it until I was on a work trip last week. As I was shuffling through my suitcase, wasting time looking for something that was jumbled around I remembered, and actually ordered my own set the next day. I cant wait to travel again and use them! Having a separate bag for different items is such a great idea. I could probably use a suitcase half the size next time. They all zip nicely and seem good quality. They have the zipper to close it of course, and another zipper that goes all the way around so once its loaded you can compact it and keep all your stuff nice and snug. There is a mesh part so you can see the contents at a glance. I put a pair of crocs in the one bag so you can get an idea of the size. No more used shopping bags for my stuff!

D CharlesD Charles
Pleasingly Surprised

I have to say I'm impressed with these compression cubes and I am a hard sell. I really did not think I could fit everything for a weeks worth of clothes being an overpacker. I went to task and put 5 maxi dresses, 1 short dress, a jumpsuit, a pair of shorts, a pair of leggings, 2 tank tops and a caftan in the largest one (I wear a size 3xl for reference so my clothes don't fold compact) I zipped the first zipper and figured there was no way it would compress and I wouldn't be able to zip the second zipper but I was able to with relative ease. It was still kind of puffy in the middle but I also got more clothes in it than my regular packing cubes. The second to the largest has 5 bathing suits, 9 pairs of underwear, an undergarment to smooth me out and 3 bras which compressed easily too. The next task was if they would both fit in my carry on with the other items I needed to put in there. The carry on zipped with ease (and some additional room) and I didn't even need to unzip the zipper that expands it which I normally do with regular packing cubes. Overall these really do what they say.

Great shipping and super nice material

Wanted them for organizing my snow coat/pants, you can tell it works!!! the material feels very durable and nice, the zippers as well. I kinda regret not getting a fun color but even this "dull" color has a sleek look to it.


I take my backpack on all my flights because I hate checking bags and I love having everything all in one place. Im going on an extended stay and had to pack a lot more than Im used too (while still staying within the weight limit) and these space savers are amazing! I used the smaller three and can fit everything I need in my bag now with room to spare. I have my laptop in there as well! Super impressed! I sat on the bags while closing them, lol, to get all the air out of them. I am no longer stressing over what I can cannot bring, I was able to fit it all! I’ll be ordering more for my four kiddos when we go on vacation this summer. If they each can bring a little carry on suitcase my life will be so much easier!

Get these !

I just took these on a week long trip to Hawaii with my husband. I used two bags and he used two bags and we were able to fit everything we needed including extra towels. Hellooo carry on. Practical and very cute ! Seem durable , we will see how they hold up overtime. Would definitely recommend!

Kinions MinionKinions Minion
Bad design, gorgeous color

First, the good: the blue is gorgeous. Its a deep, warm blue (warmer than the photo shows).Now, the bad: if you are buying compression bags you already know you have too much stuff to pack (thats the point of squeezing the heck out of it, so you can get more in!). The zippers are almost impossible to zip up by yourself. This design would be improved 1,000% by adding straps on it to do the compression for you so all you would have to do is zip it.

Packing life saver

Compressible packing cubes are the way to go. They came in perfect condition had no funky odor and seem durable. I’ll be away from home for a year and a half and I hope these cubes will make packing a ton of stuff easier.

Nice organized bags!

Well, I decided to try these bags and I like them better than the plastic compressed bags I had been using. Not sure just how compressed these are supposed to get? I wound up rolling 3 leggings, a pair of Capri pants and a pair of shorts in one bag. 5 t shirts in another. I packed 1 nightgown, 1 robe, 2 bathing suits and a summer shirt in another bag. And then my undergarments in the smaller bags? I was just trying to see how it would all fit and work? I mean they look really nice. I havent had a chance to put them in a suitcase to see how it will all look yet? But overall it keeps everything looking better organized than my packing would normally look? And I like the color is nice and bright!

Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer
I think these are better than the mesh ones

I bought this set as well as the bagail mesh compression set. After a heck of a time trying to pack my carry on suitcase (mind you I think that my carry on is only a 20 inch), I decided to use these for all my regular clothes and one of the mesh ones for my bathing suits. In the mesh 2nd to smallest bag, I packed 4 bathing suits and 2 coverups. I just felt that the non-mesh ones compressed down a little farther, maybe because there aren't any holes to let air seep in..I'm not sure. But I switched all my regular clothes to these ones and it worked a whole lot better. I was able to fit 4 shirts, 2 wraps, 2 skirts, 1 summer dress, and 1 romper in the medium size. Then all my other clothes went into the next size up, but not the XL one. In here I was able to fit 1 UV shirt, 2 sleep shirts, 1 pair of leggings, 3 more beach wraps, 2 kaftans, and 4 nice club/evening dresses!! By using these I was able to have room in my suitcase for 2 beach hats, 1 additional beach dress, 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of heels, 2 pairs of sandals, 1 pair of flip flops, goggles, makeup case, resusable shopping bag, inflatable travel pillow, water shoes a waterproof bag, phone case, and Bluetooth speaker!! (Most of these items are not visible in the photos and are underneath the bags. The struggle was very real. Of course, you can't really see all three bags in the picture when packed so I took the top one off to the side so you could see that I used 2 of the non-mesh bags, and 1 mesh bag. I don't know how I would have packed without these and I didn't even open the expansion on the suitcase. Hopefully I don't get mandatorily checked. Don't mind the item on the side pocket of the luggage, that is just my drink carrier that I will use while roaming around the airport.