BAGAIL Digital Luggage Scale, 110lbs Hanging Baggage Scale with Backlit LCD Display, Portable Suitcase Weighing Scale, Travel Luggage Weight Scale with Hook, Strong Straps for Travelers


Color: Blue
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Funciona exelente se ve de buena calidad.

Malique CMalique C
Easy to use & accurate pleased with this purchase

Easy to use & accurate

Amazon Customer
Cheap and effective!

I just needed something cheap and effective when traveling to give me an estimate on my bags, I'm very happy with this scale from Bagail! It weighed things out mostly correct and is light and easy to pack. I'd definitely recommend it, but please don't use it down to the ounce. Just use it as an estimate for before you get to the airport!

J. StevensonJ. Stevenson
Useful, simple, and ergonomic

I recently returned from a backpacking trip, and one thing I learned from that experience is how important it is to optimize the weight of my backpack! Also, our family is planning some international travel (soon, I hope) and I'm concerned about keeping our suitcases under the weight limit.So I went searching for a luggage scale that would make it easier for me to track and improve my baggage weight as I'm packing.This BAGAIL scale really hit the mark! It uses a strap with a simple hook to grab hold of the handle of your bag. Then you just turn it on and lift. The LCD shows you the weight in pounds or kilograms. Super simple. Very accurate measurements. The handle even has a nice curve to it, so it fits nicely in your hand and makes it easy to lift.It does have a more advanced feature where you can set an upper weight limit, and if your bag exceeds that, the screen changes color. I don't see much use in doing that, since I already know my weight limits. But it's there if you need it.Altogether, this is an easy to use, comfortable, accurate luggage scale that I can easily recommend.I hope this review was helpful for you!

Ross BinkleyRoss Binkley
Works great for weighing luggage in either pounds or kilograms

This scale has worked perfectly so far for weighing my luggage.Rather than just a hook that can slip off of your luggage handle like other luggage scales I've seen, this scale includes a strap on the probe with a metal hook at the end. You loop the strap through the handle of the luggage, then then hook the metal hook back onto a metal bar at the top of the strap. This hooks quite securely, so there should be little-to-no danger of it slipping and your luggage dropping.When you turn this scale on, it automatically tares to its current load (i.e. sets the zero level to what's currently connected to it, which is presumably just its included probe and strap.) It then automatically detects when you lift a load with it and, within a few seconds, locks in the weight of the load on the display.If you wish to manually re-tare the scale, pressing the top (power/T) button will do that (e.g. if you want to use your own hook or something and calibrate out its weight.)You can easily change between pounds and kilograms by pressing the bottom (U/Set) button. This is a handy feature, since different airlines in different parts of the world state their baggage allowances in different units.The metal frame of the scale feels sturdy and fits my hand well for easily lifting the scale with a bag hanging off of it.This seems like a well-designed scale and I don't really have any complaints with it. It should be helpful for preventing that dreaded situation of realizing your bag is overweight and having to move stuff around when you get the check-in desk.

Seems good

Easy to use. I hope it's accurate and keeps my bag under airline weight limits.

Doug 1
easy to use small enough to take on trip

Small enough and light enough to travel with

Miriam Kabagorobya
I just like the product and the timeliness.

So far I like everything about this product. I can't appreciate enough the timeliness in shipping as I start packing today.

Amazon Customer
Good easy scale to use

Seems to be pretty accurate.

Love this! I’m an over packer!

Best gadget I bought because I’m an overpacker!