Bagail Cooperation Program

Get bigger savings on the best Bagail product tech when you buy in bulk.Discounts available for products on bagail.com.


In addition to the Price and Promotion policy, the Shipping Policy, Refund Policy, Warranty Policy, and
Privacy Policy on the Bagail website applies to all orders from the Bagil Corporate Purchase Program. Bagil reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to interpret, amend, or terminate any terms of this program.

1.How do I place an order And  get a corporate purchase price?

PLease feel free to reach to us :

EMail: support@bagail.com

PHONE:1 -323 -961- 1446 (It is better to text us)

2.For the quantity requirement?

Discounts for approved businesses who purchase 10 or more units. and Support different sku mixed batch

3.Mode of transport? 

Fast delivery and free shipping on all orders by Amazon FBA

4.Do you allow resale for products ordered from Bagail Corporate Purchase Program?

No, we do not support the resale of products online!