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Great Absorption & Love the Ventilated Case.

This is a nice lightweight material towel. I ordered the 36" x 72" (3 feet x 6 feet). This is a huge towel, but it's still a lot more compact compared to a traditional beach towel that would be similar in size. Also, because of the huge size I can use this as an emergency blanket if need be.
The towel comes in a nice zippered case that also has ventilation holes to allow air through in case the towel is not dry when you need to pack it.
The towel comes with a zippered pocket in the corner, so if we need to put our phones, keys, etc somewhere we can.
The material sucks up water really well and dries quicker than out traditional Terry cloth towels. I usually hang the microfiber towels to dry, but sometimes I put them in the dryer on the "Ultra Low" setting. I don't use fabric softener or fabric softener sheets with microfiber towels because I think it hinders the towels absorption power.
Overall this towel works well, is compact, and comes in a great ventilated case.

Prompt delivery, useful and filled the bill.

I like that the purse quickly and was packed in a way that minimized wrinkles in the plastic. The photo shows how it looked after I removed the small amounts of paper inside. It was comfortable and had more than enough room for what I needed to carry into a show of Hamilton. It seems pretty sturdy and durable, l but I have only used it once so time will tell.

Handy travel bag

Using this bag to carry my travel K-Cup coffee maker, K-Cups, coffee mug, sugar and mini-creamers. It is working out great. I can see many uses for these bags.

Great product at a great price!

This bag is perfect if you’re a stadium goer (sports games, concerts, etc.). My adult daughter and I shared the bag by putting our wallets and other incidentals inside. Had no problem going straight into the stadium with no delay.

New Passport Travel Wallet Passport Holder Multi-Function Credit Card Package ID Document Multi-Card Storage Pack Clutch
Kirsten Block

This wallet awesome ..... quality excellent.... lots of packets .. best for traveling, and traveling tickets, boarding passes, passports-4,cards , pen holder... everything we can put in wallet... I am highly recommend this product.. thank uuuu sooo much seller... keep it gud quality... and upper side also have pockets...

Great product (and in a color to match my suitcase!)

The set of 4 packing cubes from Bagail does the trick for me. Strong nylon and zippers that look like they will be good for many years. The mesh vents them and makes it easy to see what's inside. 'Cubes' is not quite right - they are rectangular and bout 4 inches high. You can pack a lot in them! When I got the first order I immediately ordered a second set. Organized packing is wonderful!

Good Quality

I don't believe this is necessary for packing, however the zippers are strong and stitching is durable.

Double Layer Inverted Umbrellas Reverse Folding Umbrella Windproof UV Protection
Jackie Z
Bad Quality

I bought it on May 14th and today is Jun 11th. The umbrella can’t be folded now. What bad quality it is!!

Pack more and stay organized!

I am an over packer and this product let me pack tons of items and stay organized. I fit 12 infant outfits in one medium bag and I fit up to 6/7 outfits between the two large bags (size 14/XL).

High quality.

These are very nice. I love packing cubes. I have a great wardrobe and I love organizing items by category and these are very beautiful, very thick and durable. They are very stylish and high-quality looking. I recommend.

Very nice

I've always used space bags when traveling but decided to give these a try. I'm very pleased. The first picture (the one with the hanger) is the largest cube. It fit 16 shirts. The second picture (the one with me standing in it) is the second largest cube and it fit about 13 shirts. It's a great way to stay organized. I just bought another set.

Great Product!

love the packing cubes, well designed and quality is great.

Great for organization!

I love these cubes! They are perfect for trips where finding your things without upsetting your whole suitcase is a must.

Not very strong

Purchased in early April, used only a few times and already torn. Too late to return them now unfortunately.

Nice little bag

I received this bag yesterday. So far, so good.I wanted a bag for my iPad mini, Hesh headphones, calendar, water, miscellaneous daily supplies. I was initially looking at solid black tote bags and could not find what I wanted.I needed something compact, a single adjustable strap, roomy, lightweight.Somehow, stadium bags came up in my bag search.After lots of measuring and thinking, I decided to purchase this bag in medium.All my stuff fits and there’s room left over. I like that I can see what’s inside too. The clear was a good idea for me, and if I need a stadium bag, I’m all set.I’m happy with my new little ‘briefcase’.

Arrived Dirty and Used

I was excited and ready to use the product. Only to realized that the bags were used. The insides were dirty, with hair, (both human and pet) and brown particles. Such an inconvenience and hopefully the replacements arrive in time and unused.

Dirty with shaving hairs in the bag.

Package looks nice and good quality but so disappointed with hygiene. They sent over the bag with tiny shaving hair, must be from previous users returning the package. So concerning!

They'll work well. Not as pictured though.

She they are NOTHING like the photo. Not in color, shape, or general appearance. I'm sure they will work very well but shocked that they use a photoshopped photo. First- unlike photo They have no sheen to material. And even packed they wouldn't look the same filled. I thought they had support to them. Nope. Just a nylon zippered pouch. The color is not even remotely the same as photo. The sizes are great. Fabric and zippers seem sturdy.

Product exactly as described

Never tried packing cubes before but I think I am a believer! Product is exactly as described. Lightweight but good quality. I like the handle. I probably wouldn't bother for short trips but these are a must for overseas travel as they keep your stuff in order.

Must buy

Very useful I can fit a whole lot in this bag. Good for traveling.

Sturdy umbrella

Thought I read it had the air vent but the blue with white polka dots does not. Otherwise I love the umbrella.

Great size.

Just what I wanted. Two zippered pockets and then the larger area. Has room for everything I use. I’m keeping it on my bathroom counter to keep my stuff organized Love the handle to I can carry it around if needed. Only thing I don’t like is the little hook to hang it up, but just because I don’t see myself ever using that feature.

Should have purchased this long ago

My wife loves the bag, she says we should have purchased one a long time ago.