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Just what I was needing

I had a bag that wasn’t big enough for all of my toiletries and didn’t have any compartments. My shampoo or other bottles would be crammed in there and leak. I bought this and it keeps everything separate, has a lot more room, looks nice, it can hang, and everything is separated into waterproof compartments which I love. I can’t attest to its durability yet but so far I love it!

Fit way more items than expected!

BUY THIS!!! It's durable, sturdy, spacious and oh so convenient. I couldn't believe how many items it holds. I love the zippers on the top and bottom of the compartments. It makes it easy to access everything.

Love my bag!!!

I purchased my toiletry bag for a cruise my husband I were going on, it was great. Very organized, allowed us to see where everything was and gave us the convenience of being small and sturdy. I totally love this bag.

just what i needed for bts concert!

great size for stuffing big water bottles, freebies, and my medical essentials while i was in los angeles.also- don’t wear just this see thru bag around downtown areas!! you’re a big target. i only brought nonvaluables with me to the beach in this photo, and didn’t use it anywhere else's besides the stadium.

Durable enough for “hand wash only?,I’ve had these for 2 years now

and they’re still going strong. I use them to wash hand wash only items on a delicate cycle and I’ve had Zero issues with that. Granted I have a top loading machine with no agitator so that helps and I don’t dry anything in them (besides shoes once to minimize bouncing and it even held up to that

Nice product for laundary

I have never used this product before, I have used it based on my friend’s recommendation. This product looks nice


We have used these bags once and they are already falling apart.

It's worth buying! ?,It came in seven different sizes of bags! I loved the bra and lingerie bags....

it will protect the fabrics of my clothes next time I throw them in the washer. 😊"

Practico organizador

Compré estos organizadores para el viaje y me funcionaron para organizar mi ropa según tipo, pero no me funcionaron para comprimir el equipaje, para eso tuve que utilizar las bolsas a las que se les quita el aire

Where have these been all my life?

So my husband got a set of these for Christmas and I didnt think about it until I was on a work trip last week. As I was shuffling through my suitcase, wasting time looking for something that was jumbled around I remembered, and actually ordered my own set the next day. I cant wait to travel again and use them! Having a separate bag for different items is such a great idea. I could probably use a suitcase half the size next time. They all zip nicely and seem good quality. They have the zipper to close it of course, and another zipper that goes all the way around so once its loaded you can compact it and keep all your stuff nice and snug. There is a mesh part so you can see the contents at a glance. I put a pair of crocs in the one bag so you can get an idea of the size. No more used shopping bags for my stuff!

Fits more than you would think

I got the medium size bag. I should have got the large however the medium size does fit several items in it and is able to zip up. So far I am enjoying this bag and it's doing it's job.


I have purchased three sets of these and they are amazing! They help with keeping clothes organized on trips and not over packing! They are very sturdy as well. I have used the one of the largest ones for in my backpack for a carry on. If you over pack like me these are fantastic!

Not like picture

Cubes dont look exactly like the picture and arent very durable but get the job done. If they were cheap they would be worth the money.

Useful reusable travel shoe bag!

Lightweight, doesn’t add much weight to suitcase/travel bag. Meshy fabric allows view to inside contents. Water resistant. Large capacity - easily fits men’s dress shoes, women’s booties, sneakers, may fit multiple shoes depending on size and bulk of the shoes. Great for keeping dirty shoes from touching other items in a suitcase. Reusable. Handle at top to ease portability. The zipper closure has bit of resistance but per the product description the zipper is not smooth bc it is treated with airtight and waterproof processing which provides an airtight zipper. Useful Travel essential, recommend!

FIts 2 pairs of Shoes (If you flip on over)

When I travel with my wife, she usually has me include at least 2 additional pairs of shoe and some flip-flops to use around hotel floors. This Bag is large enough for me to stack 2 pairs of her Womens 6.5 shoes over each other (fliped upside down heal to toe).... and I can usually get a pair of flip flops on the bottom too. I know these are designed for one pair of shoes, but I'm thrilled that I can get 2 pairs of shoes and some flip-flips into this bag.

Great for traveling!

When we travel I always end up putting my shoes in plastic shopping bags, a little ghetto I know but I like to bring a few pairs and I don’t want them touching my clothes. I love these shoe bags because it’s such a nicer way to store your shoes when traveling. I put in some sandals that have a platform wedge heel and there was plenty of room in the bag. It also has a plastic coating to protect the shoes from any liquid that might spill in the suitcase. Definitely useful!

Generously sized, water resistant, opaque, light yet strong - a perfect solution for my shoes.

I wear size 12-13 shoes, depending on the brand. My shoes don't fit in normal shoe boxes and when I saw people saying these bags were large-sized and then I saw the dimensions, I knew my shoes would fit. I didn't know, however, that I'd find the perfect solution.These are BIG - my shoes fit in without an issue and I can drop a pair of flip flops in the bag in addition to my shoes. The bag itself is sturdy but with opaque fabric (even on the black one) that lets you see what is inside. The bag is water-resistant and seems to be very strong. The zipper, made by YKK, is larger and sturdy.The handle is a nice touch, allowing both ease of moving the bag around and also the option to hang it if desired.Overall, I'm very satisfied with this item and it will be a part of my normal travel kit.

Excellent quality and looks stylish too

Definitely impressed with this product, the texture is very comfortable and the design looks very stylish to me lol it looks like a cool looking backpack without straps.As you can see from the picture, there’s no problem to fit a 11.5 men shoes inside. For myself, it can fit 2 pairs of my 6 size shoes.This makes liege so much more easier. Definitely recommend

Fits a Size 12 and even bigger

These are able to fit my size 12 running shoes with a spike on the back. I was surprised at how the material of this bag shines. The quality is impeccable. This is a new standard for transporting my shoes. No more risking they are damaged or having my soles making contact with my clothes. This is extremely useful and highly Giftable to any traveler.

Holds My Athletic Shoes Nicely

As shown in the pictures, this bag is approximately 16" x 9". I will be packing my athletic shoes on a trip and this bag holds them nicely. I did spray water on it to test water resistance and the water stayed on top of the fabric.Care instructions include wash by hand in cool water and dry in the shade. Do not use bleach, iron, or dry clean.It is made in China.

Fits large shoes

I go a lot of places in comfort so I always carry a plastic market bag with my shoes in them. (I promise I’m not going barefoot) I have all these nice bags and then a market sack, so one day I saw this bag, and was like - That is what I need!! Saw, clicked, shipped, wam, bam, thank you Amazon.This is a nice bag. I have a pair of large size 14 shoes that I tested the bag out in. I honestly didn’t think they would fit - unfort. that’s just apart of the big boy lifestyle. I was wrong. It wasn’t even a tight fit, not that much bigger was going to fit, I wasn’t worried about tearing the fabric or anything. And I didn’t have to smash them down. Amazing!!Fabric is like a soft plastic, covered with mesh. I think it will wick water and keep water out to a point, but as the website says, it is not fully waterproof for submersion. I think it’ll hold up for a while for my use. I’m sure using it for hiking would suffice also. I would recommend to a friend!

Wonderful Travel Bag for Shoes, but Zipper Gets Stuck

The shoe bag is awesome for travels! I put my work out sneakers to take whenever I am out of town. I usually put them in a small cloth bag with a pull string or sometimes in plastic bags, but this is a great replacement for that. It is black/dark grey mesh that is somewhat see-thru. It has a handle so it is easy to carry. It protects my travel bage from any dirt that my shoes may have accumulated. But most importantly, it keeps intact any moisture it may carry. If my shoes were wet from walking in the rain, puddles, or mud, with a cloth bag, the water would have seeped through and also I would have to wash the bag, with a likely chance of not being able to remove the stains, ever. This bag keeps everything intact within the bag and is sealed airtight so I don't have to worry about damaging anything in my travel bag. I would say if you have wet shoes from travels that you leave them out to dry immediately when you return home, because your shoes will stink from all the moisture it absorbed and won't leave the air tight bag. The only problem I have with the bag is the zipper. It does not slide down too easily, not a smooth pull down/up. It gets stuck so it requires a bit of a pull.

It breaks

It's not more than a month I got the bag and suddenly is breaking down

BAGAIL 4 Set/5 Set/6 Set Compression Packing Cubes Travel Expandable Packing Organizers
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Practico organizador

Compré estos organizadores para el viaje y me funcionaron para organizar mi ropa según tipo, pero no me funcionaron para comprimir el equipaje, para eso tuve que utilizar las bolsas a las que se les quita el aire