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Amazing first impression!

I ordered these for an upcoming out of country trip. I wanted to be able to use my luggage wisely and have room for souvenirs on the way back. Between the XL and L, I was able to fit all that clothing, which looks like it will free up 75% of my suitcase for other items. While my clothing is thinner material (jeggings vs jeans), I was able to get the XL from around 4 high to 3. I think these will come in handy for all my trips and cant wait to put them to actual use, rather than a test.

Incredible quality

Will use for travel so that when I go through customs, they can see contents & not open all my stuff

Decent packing/organizing bags for travel.

I wish I had invested in something like these packing cubes when I was a road warrior. They absolutely make packing and organizing you actual luggage much easier.This pack includes 10 different organizers of various sizes with a few of them being a bit more specific (ex. a toiletries bag, a catch all sack, etc). The two larger cubes include compression straps which can help make bulky items a bit more manageable. With that said, the buckles on those straps do feel a little bit flimsy, but they held well in my tests.The zippers are all metal, but like the compression strap buckles, they dont feel like theyre super heavy duty. So, I would exercise some case when closing up the case bed if youre like my wife and pack everything, including the kitchen sink. ????One of the nice features is that after youre done using the cubes you can fold them all together and store them inside of the toiletries bag.Overall, I like this system. There are some moans and niggles, as my Aussie friends would say, but I think theyll work well for my travel needs.

You need these!

Get these for your next trip! (or for storage)Never thought about getting packing cubes, but after watching some YouTube videos on travel must haves, I AM SO GLAD I DID! These packing bags took a beating from me! I packed them pretty tightly and the zipper never failed nor did the bag rip or tear! Put these in your cart! Getem you will love them!

Lightweight and Well-Made

This is a great set of packing cubes. They are lighter weight than my previous sets, which I like. Gotta keep that suitcase under the weight limit. They also expand to a depth that will hold lots of clothes. There are handles along the top edge of the cubes which are handy for moving them around. The variety of shapes and sizes in this set will meet all of my packing needs.

Its see thru

Would definitely buy moreLove that keeps your clothe organized and its see thru

Sturdy. Durable enough for a heavy packer.

Like the quality of it.

Buy them!

These work great. You can fit allot of clothes into even the smallest bag, and keeps everything well organized. Easy to separate dirty vs clean clothes on the way back too. I was able to pack appropriately 18 outfits, plus swimwear, pj's and undergarments for a family of 3. (2 adults and 1 child). The picture shows how much I was able to fit in just 3 of the bags. (Not including the largest one)

Tougher than I expected

These bags are hearty and have solved my problem involving needing to open my bags for security check coming in/out of work. Love them and plenty of sizes included in the pack.Great value!

Nice for price but odor

These definitely needed to air out from the package, very heavy plastic smell. But after 24-48 hours it was much better. Really pleased with product for price!


Muy buena para organizar cosas en la maleta.

Love these

I love travel compression bags and this is a great set. You get three smaller ones, a medium, a large, and also a shoe bag. These compression bags are so much better than packing cubes. We own several different sets and these are some of the best. The zippers are heavy duty and the seams are sewn well. These are great for traveling and would make a fantastic gift! Very pleased.


Love the quality of this product. It's being used for travel inside my luggage.

The best idea for packing !!!

This helped me to get organized and fit so much clothes in one 22 carry on luggage !! 6 pants in one cube.In another cube 6 long sleeve with like 4 undershirts.In another cube like 5 thick sweaters.

Great solution to help keep your packing organized and minimized!

Nice little packing cubes. Came with a few compression types and 3 non compression, just bags essentially. I used the compression ones to go on a 3 day vacation and they worked pretty well. I squeezed 4 day outfits, undies, dinner outfits, and sleepware into a backpack. with room for toiletries and an extra pare of shoes. I did take a star off because the stitching isn't the greatest and one of the compression ones burst it's seams and I had to sew it back together.overall, not bad for the price - keeps your bags neat and minimal!


I've been a fan of packing cubes for ~20 years: whether you are a clothes "folder" or a "roller", cubes save luggage space, greatly simplify packing, and limit wrinkling. Organizational benefits are huge -- not only during packing, but also during stays, as cubes can be simply tossed into a drawer or onto a shelf allowing unpacking without unpacking. Over the years I've acquired several different types/sets of cubes. My favorites are constructed of rip-stop nylon which the BAGAIL organizers are because it is extremely light yet durable. I also prefer cubes with at least some mesh to allow easy visualization of contents.What makes these BAGAIL organizers different is that 3 (of the set of 7) have zippers that allow optional compression. If trying to minimize your luggage to a carry-on, or if dealing with bulky items such as sweaters or puffy jackets, compression cubes are space-savers. The only potential issue is exceeding baggage weight allowances because you can now fit more into a suitcase.The extra-large mesh-topped cube was a perfect fit in our behemoth suitcase (a competitor's X mesh cube is below). Of course, mesh cubes do not feature a compression zipper. The other BAGAIL cubes were sized to fit like a jig-saw puzzle.The zippered shoe bag works much better than plastic or drawstring bags.Construction: smooth zippers, no hanging threads, well-sewn. Zippers seem robust enough to withstand compression within reasonable limits. The blue is a lovely color. The enclosed card with packing directions is a nice touch.There is nothing that I dislike about this set. I love them and have already utilized several in combination with cubes I already own. Very pleased!

Beige is actually a peach color

I ordered this in beige because I wanted a light neutral. The actually color is pale peach and I am not a fan. Returning

The best packing cubes!

I didnt know packing cubes were not all created equal until I used these ones. The added feature of an extra zipper to compress your clothes is a HUGE space saver. Not only is your suitcase going to be organized, it will be compact so you can take the most for your space. These cubes are extremely lightweight, while still maintaining sturdiness. The handles are also a great feature.I like that there is one mesh cube because it lets my clothes breath. I think this set would be made better by adding the mesh to one of the cubes in the set, and perhaps a smaller cube meant for undergarment. Its also a little pricey in comparison to some sets I have seen, however there are a lot of cubes and it does have the additional feature of compacting.Overall this set is fantastic and I would highly recommend it.

Different sizes

There are a couple different sizes and 4 of them have the adjustable zipper to make them bigger to pack more. I like the fact that they have handles on them as well. They do have a plastic texture which I havent tested yet if they are water proof rather than a cloth like which I would have preferred. But I will get some use out of them.

Light, Configurable, High Quality, should work for many years!

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?My thoughts on Bagail Ultralight Packing Cubes 7 Set, 3 Compression Packing Cubes 3 Packing Organizers With 1 Shoe Bag-Blue.I believe the packing cubes will be great organizers either for short trips or long ones. They are ultralight and high quality. Three of them are expandable so it is up to the user how they want them to be configured. I like that there are a few degrees of variability: different sizes, designs (mesh/no mesh, expandable/non-expandable).My photos do not give justice to the color - it is neither blue nor green.I think the packing cubes will serve me for many years!One thing that the manufacturer could think of, is to figure out something to allow the users to differentiate cubes if needed. For instance, it might be hard to say what inside the expandable cubes is without opening them - some kind of tagging/labeling could be useful for the situations when the cubes from the same set are used for a few family members.Thanks!

Love this set of packing cubes and bags

The bags are lightweight but seem to be well made. The 3 compression bags have zippers on the side so theyre expandable and then you can zip up to compress things further to save space. The packing cubes are big so you can put jeans in there. It even came with a card that shows you how to fold up your jeans and your shirts. I like the design on the bags with the pretty flowers.

Multiple sizes and lightweight for travel - includes both compression and regular packing cubes

I ordered the black packing cubes. I want to maximize my suitcase space plus I also want it organized. The packing cubes help me achieve both. They are made of a very lightweight 70D nylon, which the seller claims helps prevent progressive runs and tears in the fabric. The set includes a shoe bag, three regular packing cubes, and three compression cubes (the type you can expand with a special zipper, and then zip closed to press down the contents, similar to some suitcases). All the cubes come with nylon handles and nylon zippers. The largest packing cube features breathable mesh on one panel. You don't have to worry about these cubes adding any weight to your bag -- just organization. I'm using mine not only in a suitcase, but also in a duffle bag, to help compartmentalize the contents. I hope this is helpful to you.

These things surprised me, In a good way!

I examined the Amazon page that offered these Bagail Ultralight Packing Cubes and I was expecting a somewhat large package. They arrived all packed into one of the 7 bags, and not even the largest one. They are made of a very light and thin material, that folds easily.Each bag can be used to store a certain type of clothing, and then placed into a piece of conventional luggage with all of the clothing of different types separated. Kinda nice, especially for shoes.As the Amazon page states, these would be excellent for backpackers since the back packs can be a bit cluttered. These bags keep each type of clothing or item separated for easy access, plus each bag is water resistant.The material they are made of is very tough. If it can be ripped at all, it certainly wouldn't happen easily.


I bought these hangers for my boyfriend. I cleaned up his closet and got rid of all the plastic and wire hangers. I like these hangers because the head swivels. He also hangs his clothes to dry and there has been no black transfer on his clothes from the hangers. It definitely makes more space in your closet. 50 hangers doesn't take you very far, I had to order another box of 50 for him. The price is decent as well. I have the pink ones for my clothes, I've had them for 3 years or so, and they've held up well.