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Customer Reviews

Based on 189 reviews
The best idea for packing !!!

This helped me to get organized and fit so much clothes in one 22 carry on luggage !! 6 pants in one cube.In another cube 6 long sleeve with like 4 undershirts.In another cube like 5 thick sweaters.

Kindle Customer
Game changer

Just used these for a week in Florida on a 21-inch carryon. What a difference! These cubes fit two bras and four undies, pajamas, two swimsuits, three shorts, five tanks, five dresses and two button down shirts. I know more could have fit if I tried. Loved that it included the shoe and dirty clothes bag and the clear pouches for toiletries. My daughter bought the same set and was happy with how much she could fit in hers too.Thanks to influencer Susie Wright for the recommendation. Worth every penny!

Carmela Sevilla
Good Quality, better than expected!

I have a lot of these packing cubes, a set that is much more expensive and one thats cheap and thin. This Bagail set did not disappoint, material is thick enough & durable, screen material is also thick enough, zippers are good. Most useful size is the largest for traveling. Highly recommended!

Leslie Harris
Perfect for Packing

These cubes are a game changer as far as packing..especially if you have more than one person per suitcase. It's so easy to organize your own stuff but moms will really benefit if you pack kids belongings in one suitcase. I hope they hold up well. They seem nice

Lightweight & Durable

Lightweight, durable & plenty of room to include additional items. Was pleasantly surprised by how much each cube can hold.

Great packing cubes!

So I know a lot of people get confused with the sets of these. I ordered the set of 6. It comes with 2 very large cubes, 2 medium sized cubes, and then another 2 small cubes. I was honestly very surprised at how large the biggest cubes were. These pictures dont show how big they exactly are lol but with my upcoming trip to Georgia these very large cubes work well for my husband and I. I was able to pack 8 outfits (shirts & shorts) 2 sets of pajamas and a sundress. The mesh and zippers seem durable. The medium cubes worked great for my kids, each one got a cube and I was able to fit 8 outfits plus a set of 2 pajamas in each one. And finally, the smaller cubes i can fit both of my kids underwear plus swimsuits in ONE. They also come with handles which is a plus for me. For the price you cannot go wrong with this set!For size reference, I put my 32 oz Yeti next to the largest cube in this set.

Looks Nice, Good Size, but Conflicting warranty info

Bought it last Sept. Finally got to open it.So far it looks clean and durable.It all came packed in one of the cube.I plan to use the smallest one for my work stuff since its around one full palm stretched out size and would be good for my laptop & tech stuff.I previously purchased similar items from a flea market in Japan, so far these seem comparable.Will update re durability after this pandemic quarantine over and can finally go traveling again.For now, going to use the cubes to properly store away selected seasonal clothes. Its less flimsy than the similar priced but bigger storage bag/box China-made products bought from Amazon also.Note these products are from Jiangsu China.CONFLICTING WARRANTYTheir site says 24 months warrantyMarketing card says LIFETIME WARRANTYBut if you go register the product, it is only 18 months extension = 42 months. So which is it? I think its false advertising if they do not accept their lifetime warranty since they said so in the card that comes with the product.Because of the conflicting warranty information, I am giving only 2 stars till they clarify it.

Amazon Customer

Honestly great for organizing and taking bulk items! Housed all my heavy Indian clothes!

Pleasantly surprised at how much these hold!

I travel frequently, and these are the BEST packing cubes! They have been on 4 plane trips and 2 road trips since I got them, so I can fairly speak to durability, effectiveness, and all-around awesomeness.I gifted an Amazon Basics set to someone for Christmas, and while those are great also, there are some key differences. These Bagail bags are made of a super lightweight nylon-type of material with a fine mesh panel so you see what's inside. Almost so lightweight it seems impossible they could be effective, lol. They have double zippers that run smoothly and don't catch on the fabric. I've noticed on the Basics set, the mesh part is made of bigger holes and the zippers do catch on it.When I pack these, it's almost always for either a 4- or 5-night trip, and I use them with a hardside Samsonite carryon suitcase. I either bring one large and 1 medium cube, or 2 med and a small cube, depending on the trip, and the sizes of these fit perfectly into the suitcase. On a recent 4-night trip to Jackson Hole, WY, where I had to pack a wide variety of items for weather, here's what I fit into a MEDIUM cube (!!):3 pairs pants2 pairs shorts5 underwear4 socks5 tops, including 2 flannel button-up1 sports bra & 1 bralette1 pair sandalsMy second med cube was packed similarly and included 2 pairs of jeans. I use the "ranger roll" method and HIGHLY recommend it! These are permanently on my favorites list and I intend to gift a few sets this year.

They hold a lot!

Im leaving for my 13th cruise in a few days and I finally decided to try packing cubes! They are lightweight, hold a bunch & keep things neat. I would like to get another set. Happy I bought them!