BAGAIL 8 Set Packing Cubes Luggage Packing Organizers for Travel Accessories


Color: A Black
$ 24.99 USD


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Dot in Ga.Dot in Ga.
Packing made easier

These packing cubes made my traveling life so easy! We recently went to DC and used them for the first time. I love that I knew where everything was because I packed my undies in one cube, my tops, pants and toiletries in others. Unpacking meant removing the packed cubes to shelves. They are very lightweight and thin so be careful not to snag the fabric.

C. A. MattesonC. A. Matteson
Lots more room than I expected

I really love the bags, so much room. But so far, Ive found one bag with a damaged zipper. I dont have time for return, so Im keeping it.

Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer
Didnget to use them

I really loved these packing cubes and was looking forward to using them but the clip broke before my trip started. If the clip was better quality this would be a perfect product in my book

Its cute and functional.

I was able to fit a lot in the big cube alone. I only needed the two biggest cubes for my big suitcase.


I loved those, really nice quality. helps a lot with my organization

More than I expected

Havent used them yet.Glad they are plain cream color.2 zippers for easy opening

Must have for vacay with kids!

These made packing for a week long Beach trip with 2 little kids so easy. I used the large bag for me, medium size for my 2 yr old, smaller netted bag for my 5 month old. Used 1 for bath towels, one for bath stuff, one for everyone's shoes and one for dirty clothes. It was easy to grab each bag and unpack. No need to dig threw a suitcase and mess up all the folded clothes. They fit way more than expected. Will not travel without these!!


Love the color and it is soft and has sturdy zippers and netting on bags. Comes with a compartment toiletry bag!

Ramon ManningRamon Manning
One packing cube came damaged.

Everything was okay besides one of the packing cubes came damaged at the end of the zip strip. Eventually zip came off.

Andrea TaylorAndrea Taylor
Very useful for travelling

I recently went on a trip and this was the first time I was using packing cubes. After reviewing several other brands of packing cubes I decided to go with the Bagail brand and ordered the set of 8 cubes.I was able to use all 8 packing cubes, using the largest cube to pack a pair of jeans, capri pants, a light spring jacket and even a large towel. Second largest I packed all my tops, and then the other cubes one I packed my socks, underwear, camisoles and bras, another one with my bathing suit, flip flops and other pool items, another cube to pack my hair items (flat iron, hair dryer and rollers. Was able to pack two pairs of size 9 shoes in the shoe bag.What was helpful when I got to my hotel it was very quick and easy to unpack because I just took out the cubes and placed them in the drawers provided by the hotel.The packing cubes also came in handy when I took one of them to pack a towel, my flip flops and other pool items and put the cube in my backpack and head out to the beach or pool.I do recommend these packing cubes to help keep your clothes contained and organized and for relatively easy unpacking and re-packing when it's time to go home.