6 Set Packing Cubes,3 Various Sizes Travel Luggage Packing Organizers


Color: Black
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Jen SimpsonJen Simpson

I have purchased three sets of these and they are amazing! They help with keeping clothes organized on trips and not over packing! They are very sturdy as well. I have used the one of the largest ones for in my backpack for a carry on. If you over pack like me these are fantastic!

Not like picture

Cubes dont look exactly like the picture and arent very durable but get the job done. If they were cheap they would be worth the money.

C. Hemstreet
Travel stress free!

We bought these for organizing our belongings while we travel. The material is what you expect with no frayed seams. The zippers work perfectly. The mesh windows make it easy to identify what is inside. Best of all it makes packing a breeze, organizing bulkier clothes in larger bags and smaller things in smaller bags. When you arrive at your destination, it is easy to unpack. When you travel by air, it makes it easy on TSA if your bag is selected for inspection. No more rummaging through everything. All in all, a great value for the money.

Jennifer Gladhill
A must have for travel

I was reluctant to try these even though I read reviews from travelers they were a must have. I saved so much room in my suitcase using these for a nine day trip to Italy. You roll your t-shirts and long sleeve shirts up and place them in their own cube. Tank tops rolled, with underwear and socks fit nicely in one. I rolled pants, jeans and a cardigan sweater into another. I will try to take some pictures of what I packed and how I used the cubes, because seeing is believing. Rolling your clothes works wonders for reducing wrinkles believe it or not. I rolled all my dresses and skirts and when I got to hotel I just unrolled and hung in closet. Same with pants. I had silk shell tops and not a wrinkle because they were rolled and kept in place being in the cubes.

Shannon Wong
Can we please have color coded zipper heads

I love everything about them. I haven't even used them for a vacation out of the city yet, but I'm an experienced packer out of necessity, I'm always moving things and keeping them in my car. But one thing I really could use is blue, orange, pink, green ie. Color coded zippers. Since you get two of each size, the easier it is to tell them asap the better. (Ie, you're using two of the same size one as a day bag and the other as an evening bag).

Great travel bags

Purchased for daughter for her vacation.She loves them, and the color too.

Ben Chung
Great value for great quality!

These packing cubes are amazing! They are perfect for organizing your suitcase and have more than enough sizes to put different kinds of items. Pretty good quality material in comparison to other brands and nice stretchy mesh material in case you need to fill up a cube more.

Would never travel again without these!

I bought these while i was packing to leave for school and would be away 4months+. I had to fit all my clothes into 2 suitcases and knew space was going to be limited. These packing cubes helped tremendously, they condensed all my clothes so they were no longer bulky and helped organize them into different categories (used on for short sleeve shirts, PJs, dresses, ect). It makes packing and unpacking so much easier. They've lasted through many trips and stuffed suitcases. They are also easy to clean and wash but do wrinkle. Only downside is I wish it came with more bigger cubes as the smaller ones aren't as useful for thicker clothes.

Great value!

Used them extensively for 3 weeks straight. They got tossed around and stuffed with more clothes than I probably should have, but they lasted, and never had an issue. Zippers are greats.

They hold a lot more than you'd expect!

We're going on a three week week trip in February/March to a cold weather location and a warm weather location. Our suitcases are already packed but I wanted to see if packing cubes might make any difference. Yes. They do. I was able to repack so that like items (pajamas, swimsuits, slacks etc) were in their own cube. The items are nice and contained and there is now more room in the suitcase. The weight only went up by just over a pound and we are still way under the max weight. They are not compression style, but they do make the clothes more compact in the suitcase. There is no strain on the zipper. You can roll or fold and the clothes will fit. I highly recommend. They are soft sided but that's great because you can put them on top of each other and the case will close just fine.