Shipping Guide

Have you ever spent over 10 hours on looking for a wonderful bag which is suitable for you and can not decide which one to choose? Let us help you, Bagail provide various travel products which will make your travel more wonderful.

The following terms of agreements are made to avoid uncertain situations after sales, the buyer is deemed to acknowledge and be taken in full compliance with the terms of this agreement.


It is unchangeable after paid.
Price is always variable, when you need the bag please find our customer service for help, price difference is not acceptable after payment sent successfully when adjustment has been performed. 


Our price is much lower and competitive, refused to bargaining.
Every product is high quality produced by our top craftman.The price on some of the products will be adjusted to cater some holidays promotions. Every first coming customer will have a coupon code which is £5 each time and could be used twice after he/she successfully registered on our site, so we do not accept bargainning again, thanks for your cooperation.

Products Mark:

Do not have trademark on the product, think carefully if you mind.
As been well known, tags and official waybills refer to the products and price identification will not be included in the items while shipping. If buyers mind the trademark, please think it carefully, we will not issue a refund under this condition.

Quality Assurance:

Please be noted it is simple package of plastic bags.
All product made by Bagail are of high quality, please rest assured. To stand up for environmental protection, the process during packing time is quite simple, however, packing bags are made of plastic for wrapping are solid and safe to prevent such occurrence of pilling、 hair slip、 color fade or shrink.

 Delivery time:

Your product will be shipped and delivered within 3-4 days if everything goes smoothly. You can ask for the tracking number from the customer service representivesto track your package.