Bagail 5 Set Mesh Laundry Bags for Laundry,Blouse,Underwear, Lingerie,etc(1 Jumbo, 2 XL & 2 M)

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Works for me!

construction quality

There was a construction issue with the bags I received. See picture as I found them out of the package.The mesh was stretched during construction making the zippers pucker. With the zippers always pushed out instead of laying flat it could compromise durability. I plan to use them as laundry bags not travel so optimal durability is a concern. The mesh is large as stated for good water flow.

Pull the zipper under the mesh (circled in picture)

At first I was disappointed the bag opened while in the wash. I didn't notice that the zipper needed to be under the mesh.Second time I used it no trouble at all. Was very happy with the product. Gave my mother the second set if sizes.

Love These Bags! Great Price!

I really like these bags for washing my delicates! Unlike other mesh laundry bags that I have purchased from other sellers in the past these laundry bags are both ample in size and made from a durable mesh! The smallest bag is still larger than the bag that I was using previously so I can fit more into the bags now! I like that the zipper tucks under a holder so that other garments do not get snagged.I have only used them in the wash once so far but they held up really well! I have not used the warranty yet, but it gave me even more comfort in trying these bags as there is a 100% lifetime guarantee if you register your purchase! Overall, I would recommend these bags to anyone!

Very durable

These are great laundry bags! The quality of them appear so be so much better than ones I have purchased in the past. I have used them a couple of times now and I really love them. With 3 of each size, there are more than enough for my needs. The sizes are perfect for small or larger items.

Big tear after 1 use

Used once and had a big tear in it.

Recommended Fantastic bags

I love these laundry bags. The bags come in a variety of sizes, all are fine mesh (no hooks from clothing will poke through the mesh), with protected zippers (the zipper pull is tucked into a flap and protected during the wash). The black one is huge (22” x 23”), and can fit a couple of pairs of pants. Each white bag has a different colored zipper - 19” x16” bags have orange or green zippers and can fit a thick sweater, a couple of shirts or a couple of pairs of yoga pants. The 11.5” x15.5” have pink or blue zippers and can fit a swimsuit, a couple of bras, or a blouse easily. I highly recommend these- they appear very well made, and they fit all the items I want to protect in the wash.

great sizes and excellent product!

I bought both the fine and course mesh laundry bags. I really like the way the zipper hides completely under a section of elastic. The bags washed and dried very nicely in hot, warm and cold. I live in an apartment building and the washers and dryers are commercial ones. The dryers get very hot even on a low setting. In fact, it’s very hard to take things out of the dryer as they are so hot! The bags held up very well at the hottest setting. I used the large coarse mesh bag to wash & dry my twin size fitted sheet. as the fitted sheet usually hides washcloths in it’s folds, I wanted to see if it would dry while in a bag. Very pleased with the bags and sizes of them. Very well made too!


I really like this set of laundry bags. I just went to use one of them for 1st time and found that there is a tear near zipper. I am attaching a photo to show. I really like the set but it does no good when it starts out turn. These do not seem very durable.

Broken zipper after first use - would not recommend

Zipper broke on the very first use in a top load washer. Would not recommend this product.