BAGAIL 6 Set Packing Cubes Multi-Functional Luggage Packing Organizers for Travel Accessories

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Quality and convenience

I purchased Bagail packing cubes based on a friends experience while traveling. I was traveling as well and saw how easy it was for her to live out of her suitcase as well as placing the cubes in a drawers. All her outfits were packaged in each cube. There was no digging, shuffling or messing up the folded articles of clothing. Everything was so neat and easy I just had to get a set for myself.I am heading for a five day sun in the fun trip and was excited to try these out. First the quality is top notch! The nylon is strong and the two way zippers flow easily which makes accessibility even better. The netting is equally strong and allows breathability. The colors are to choose from are very pretty as well.This set comes in a six piece unit with two large for pants, dresses, shirts or shoes. Two medium for shorts and bathing suits and the smaller two for underwear and jewelry. Of course one can use them for whatever needs they have but this is what I used them for on this trip. My bags are fully packed minus the toiletries which the bags could also be used for that purpose as well. I still have plenty of room left in each bags so a 7-10 day packing would easily work with these bags. When I get to my destination I will simply take each bag and place it in the drawer at the hotel. Another good note is that all my belongings are in each cube so I won’t accidentally leave an article of clothing behind. The best part is they all fit perfectly in a carry on bag! No checking any luggage and paying a fee. Loves the cubes!

Great organizational product for traveling.

I purchased these bags to see how I would like them. I used them on my recent motorcycle trip out to Arizona, New Mexico and back. They worked out great for keeping each of my personal items of clothing separated. It made it so easy to grab what I needed at the end of each day without everything getting jumbled together.We are planning an extended trip to Europe this fall and I am looking forward to using these bags again.


Choice of size,And I am organized in my packing

Loved this!

I had been searching for good packing cubes for an upcoming trip I have and I finally decided to buy these. I absolutely love them, I got to fit so many things inside and the quality is amazing.

These packing cubes are genuis.

Great way to organize packing. Easy to find items in suitcase!


This set kept me organized! I love to travel but hate packing! I go on 2-week missions trips, so i don't have time everyday to put things back in order. This set helped me stay organized...find things in a 1 minute or two, and basically, my suitcase and room didn't look at mess! Great idea...wish I would've thought of it! Thankful!

Organized Packing

I've had my set for about 8 months and have traveled with them several times. They are awesome for organizing my clothes and keeping my suitcase neat and tidy. I love that I can set them in the drawers when I travel without taking my clothes out and have full view to the contents. They still perform after being washed as well. This is a great value for the money.

Used recently

I used these on my very recent travels and they worked for my carry-on luggage, but I will try to not use them next time I pack and see what is more useful in order to see if it does improve anything. One thing I truly enjoyed though is the fact that I knew where everything was rather than everything spilled about in my luggage. It was great to have besides the fact that I personally got disorganized.Needless to say these did their job and were nice to use.

Great Packing cubes!!

I love this packing cubes. I get to organize when I travel. Quality is good

A must for traveling

This is my second time buying packing cubes from this company. Needless to say the quality is always on point. Best way to stay organized for trips! Each bag has a lot of space so no need to squeeze everything into one packing cube!