BAGAIL TSA Approved 3-1-1 Quart Sized Clear Toiletry Bag Carry-On Cosmetics Bag


Color: 2 pack Black
$ 7.99 USD


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great quality.

Great quality! We tried a few other brands for carry on liquids but these were the only ones we kept. The zipper is great and not cheap.The only issue is some airports may not allow these. They do seem larger than a typical quart size. However, we have traveled to Asia and American airports and have not had a problem.

Worth the money!

There was no review when I purchased this. I was hesitant at first because it was priced higher than other ones on amazon but the price defininity reflects the high quality. I was pleasantly surprised by the sturdiness of the bag. I’ve purchased cheap ones and they broke but this one has thick material yet lightweight. The zipper is also very sturdy. I used one for my essentials and the other for my meds. It keeps me very organized especially since I travel A LOT!There’s even a cute little airplane design on the back cover. The color stands out and is amazing. I didn’t stuff mine but you can fit a lot into these. Overall, I’d give this a 5 Star because it’s actuallt worth your money!

Amazon Customer
No more ripped quart bags

This bag is perfect for a frequent traveler. My ziploc bag didn't always make it throughmy entire trip and I was left trying to find something to use for the return trip. This bagis sturdy and has a zipper so it's easy to close. It fits the TSA requirements so it's perfect.

K. Meyer
We LOVE these bags

We LOVE these toiletries bags. We travel a lot and always carry on, including for our two-week international trips. One of the challenges with carrying on, especially on longer trips, is getting your toiletries to fit the TSA rules. These wonderful bags hold much more than a quart-sized Ziplock sandwich bag and are MUCH sturdier. Although I’m still not sure they officially meet the TSA rules (they hold so much more than a sandwich bag, so how can they?!) they passed not only TSA screening, but also Israel’s strict security process both into and out of the country.

Patricia Smith
Well worth purchasing!

These little bags were absolutely perfect on my cruise. They are very well made and a good size for your small toiletries. I used one for makeup (foundation, travel size mist n set, concealer, face sunscreen, etc.). One had my compacts and brushes and lip balm and lip color. The last one had my little accessories like headbands, Ponytail holders, Q-tips, nail file, etc. I just set the filled bags in the drawer and stayed very organized the entire cruise! I bought the purple set of 3 for myself and the black set of 3 for my husband.

Best Investment

YAY! I was so tired of using zip locks that continuously rip throughout my travels, causing leakage/damage to my luggage. This is seriously the BEST and was perfectly while traveling aboard to multiple countries (such as the UAE and Thailand). This is totally TSA approved and it even feels like you can fit more in here opposed to a quart size zip lock bag although they are the same size. The zipper seems strong and sturdy so I was pleasantly pleased with the quality of this considering it looks pretty nice to outsiders. :) Definitely recommend especially if you are someone like me who avoids checking a bag.

Perfect for Any Destination!

These are the second set of clear toiletry bags I have purchased from Bagail. Perfect size for either weekends away or longer vacation trips. If your worried about weight in the hold you can grab these and put them easily in your carry on and they breeze through security without any problems. You can get more toiletries or makeup in them than using standard quart kitchen bags and they are extremely durable, so no worries about them falling apart. When at home I store them ready to grab for my next trip.

Excellent product!

Great toiletry bag and for storage of anything ie. Medications, supplements, hair accessories, nail polish undergarments etc. I used one for my TSA requirements on fluids, I was a bit concerned about getting through TSA because they hold a lot of products, but it sailed right through without a glance! And I was so incredibly organized. One of my bags was received torn at the bottom but the seller sent me out another one immediately! Great product, sturdy construction, smooth zipper closure, truly TSA approved! Buy these rather your traveling or just for home use they are great and an honest trustworthy seller!

angie h
Appears to be very well made

I purchased a similar item from a different manufacturer, and while I loved the concept, the other product wasn't very well made. This one appears to be much better made than the other. the vinyl is actually sewn to the material, it has a very nice zipper, and the materials appear to be of good quality. You will be shocked how much more you can get in these bags over a quart sized plastic bag. Even though I just received this, I really think I am going to love it, as I've gotten really good use out of the similar product that isn't as well made.

André Brand?o
Great Travel Essential

The Bagail travel bag is very simple and convenient. It's clear, so it avoids the hassle of having to remove items during security check at the airport. Great little travel essential, especially for someone like me who likes to travel with a carry on only. I found the plastic to be thick and sturdy as well.