Bagail TSA Approved Travel Cable Luggage Lock -3 Digit Set-Your-Own Combination Lock for Suitcases


Color: Silver
$ 4.99 USD


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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews

The locked worked well but I was surprised that I could reset the combination while it was locked. I'll use them somewhere except for traveling.

Easy to lock and open

Although a bit disappointed when I opened the package and realized this was not a Masterlock lock, I quickly realized I like this lock a little bit more. It is easier to unlock with a press of a button. I've used this at the gym multiple times now and love it!

Sam J.
Worked great.

I'm glad I found these. Although I know that you normally can't lock your luggage when traveling itwas nice to know I could use this lock and they could unlock it if needed. I also kept it on in the hotel room to make sure my bag wasn't disturbed. This worked out great.

John Lee
Simple lock

Easy to set the combination. I've used it for multiple trips without issue. I've used it to lock up an oversized snowboard bag where I witness a TSA agent unlock in with their tools and relock after verifying my bag. Good to know that it works.

kept me secure

These locks kept my belongings secure in DC/NYC .. now, i cant say if they REALLY kept them secure. But, they kept my piece if mine secure as nothing went missing. But, i like the think that when i wasn't around these locks, they found off waves of ninja assassins trying to take a peak at my underwear. Oh, the brown stains they would have encountered.

Cable feature is nice

Work well. Easy to set your own combination. Cable is easier to use than a solid steel loop.

Favorite lock

I’ve used this lock so many times on my luggage. It does not disappoint. This lock is easy to use. I got the black one since it can match with everything. It’s durable and TSA safe. It’s been through a lot and still works and looks new.

Priced right, easy to see, use & install

Works great, easy to use and easy to spot and identify my luggage.

No One
Great lock for a suitcase or backpack

Nice added security for a suitcase zipper and to make it hard for people to get in your backpack when you've turned your back for a second. They can walk off with it of course but this is to stop the thieves who boldly sit next to you at the airport and go in the pockets when you're distracted. Nobody will get in the pockets with these on. Has a quick release button too. Nice.

Pinot Meow
It keeps your bags closed

The airport people either cut my lock or it fell off! When I claimed my baggage from an European vacation, it was gone! Really aggravates me to pay for stuff and some jerk just cut it. But it did keep my suitcase together and was easy to spot with the bright color. Good thing there was more than 1.