Bagail TSA Approved Luggage Lock for Suitcases & Baggage,Filing Cabinets(4 Digit Combination)

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Customer Reviews

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Good So Far!

I received the locks in the time promised. They were in great condition. I set the lock combination today without any problem. Also, was able to open the lock after setting the combination without any problem. Have not used them for a trip yet so that is the only reason for 4 stars and not 5.


I love these 4 number locks...easy to read and arm.Had one before and the TSA ...instead of using their key to open it...used force to open my suitcase and then left the twisted and now unusable lock inside.......

Sarah J. Rosario
Does What Its Suppose To

My sister and I went on a trip and used different lock companies, both TSA accessible. My lock made the round trip with no issues. My sister's lock disappeared on the first leg of the trip. I loaned her my second spare lock and it made it back intact upon the return. I'm not sure why her locked disappeared but I had a good experience with mine.

Good quality!

I travel a lot internationally and I lose around 9-12 locks/year through no fault of my own. I know these locks are only a slight deterrent to thieves but it gives me some piece of mind. Thus, I buy these in bulk whenever I see a good deal.

C Dee
Sturdy lock, great price

Great sturdy traveling lock. I was able to set up my lock in minutes. It's taken a few hits from tsa the last few trips, but it's a great peace of mind to have.

Easy To Program and Operate

I only use combination TSA locks instead of the key design locks. This lock is easy to set up with your personalized combination. Very satisfied with my purchase!

Small TSA locks that you set combination for

4-digital combination that you can set. I am using these locks to keep small children out of video gear cases, but they would work great on luggage too. Shipped quickly.

Prompt delivery! Seemed to be a quality product!

As far as luggage locks are concerned, these seem to be quality built, with the benefit of be TSA approved for convenience. Will be traveling shortly with the locks and will update the review after seeing these in action.No idea if/how these will survive after going through TSA.

Skye Sepe
Perfect size

These locks were just as described. I have yet to go through a TSA checkpoint, but I expect no issues.

One of the better TSA locks available

All the TSA approved locks are relatively fragile as locks go and the odds of my getting my luggage off the carousel at an airport with the lock still attached in less than 50%. Of the TSA locks I have purchased these are the best in terms of build quality. The worst are ones from Byshun where their survival rate for a trip is around 25%.I only use the TSA locks to minimize theft from baggage handlers and have to accept the chance of a TSA employee stealing something and so take anything of value in my carry-on bags.