Bagail Digital Luggage Scale,Heavy Duty Weight Scale,MAX 110lb/50kg Suitcase Scale for Travel,Household,Outdoor

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Marianne Stone
Still do not have my product

Where is my product. Says delivered but did not get it

A must for frequent travelers

I was tired of trying to weigh my suitcase on my bathroom scale. Either the suitcase obscured the number, or I knew the weight couldn't possibly be right. Afraid of going over the airline's weight limit, I ordered this little gem and am so glad I did! It's so much easier than my old method and I haven't had any discrepancies at the airport.

Well made, quite accurate luggage scale

I received this in one day from Amazon to Washington State. This ETEKCITY EL11 digital luggage scale was well packaged and is extremely easy to use.It appears very well made and rubberized for ease of grasping.After pulling out the battery tab saver, I ran a couple of tests. I took a 7.5 lb weight for my barbell set and put it in a plastic grocery bag. It came in at 7. 3 lbs, very close. I then added a second weight to the bag and it weighed in at 14.8 pounds; so it's reasonably accurate.I suspect the majority of you are purchasing this to weigh your luggage prior to a flight. Typically the limit is 50 lbs. I've done the get on the scale, get off the scale, get on the scale holding the luggage but I've never gotten a very consistent reading that way, and unless you have helped it's often difficult to see the reading on the scale and hold still . Since I know the precise weight of my test luggage, I'm quite confident this should do a good job. It weighs up to 110 lb. A bonus I didn't realize until I open it was that it also has a thermometer as one of the functions. Plus metric conversions of course.I don't write reviews often unless there's a major problem with an item, or it's wonderful, however, the manufacturer enticed me with a sign up option and supposedly there may be some free perks down the road, in addition to a one-year extended warranty, we'll see. June 2019 I paid $8.99 on a lightning deal. If the one year extended warranty requires me to pay shipping to ship the item back to them, then the extra warranty is absolutely worthless for myself. I would save very little money if I have to ship the product back on my dime, and then possibly get a refurbished one in return. Shipping has to be included for it to pay.Seriously though, this thing appears well made and it is a solid looking device. I do recommend it.

Great Purchase!

So thankful to have this. It helped out tremendously on our most recent trip. We didn't have to worry about our luggage being over the max weight limit. In the past there been times we've had to sit at the luggage gate moving things around and/or moving things from one suitcase to the other to prevent from paying additional fees due to being overweight. It saved time and prevented additional stress.

M Jones
Accuracy with ease of use

I just weighed 11 bags for a student returning to her home country. My other luggage scale broke and the back came off holding the battery inside. This new luggage scale is small, streamlined, 2 buttons and super easy to use. It can easily be packed for travel. My favorite part is the hook that clamps on to the scale. It sounds weird but my old scale wouldn't hold the luggage, or wouldn't read it accurately. Love it - get one!

Amazon Customer
Imprecise at sub-10-lb weight, pretty solid above that

I used my Bowflex SelectTech 552 weight set to try this scale out. I tested at 5lb, 15lb, and 52.5lb, doing 3 measurements at each weight.5 lb read at anywhere 4.3 through 5.315lb read at 15.0 all three times52.5lb read at 51.7 through 52.0(Note that those weights are not calibrated and thus this review isn't about the accuracy of this scale, but rather how precise it is. E.g. I can't guarantee that the 52.5lb weight is exactly 52.5lb, but the scale should give me the same number every time I measure that weight).Overall, this scale was accurate to within a pound for every weight tested, so I'd say it's a good tool for the weight-constrained traveler (especially someone like me, who is flying on some airlines which impose a 15lb limit on carryon baggage)

Rutwick Bhawsar
Edit: New one works perfectly

After reading my initial review on amazon, where I had given the scale a 3/5, Etekcity sent me a replacement scale. The new one works great! I've used it to measure suitcases for domestic as well as international travel and it has proven its worth. Works well with light and heavy suitcases give or take an error 0.5lbs. I don't think any other portable scale can do a better job. Keep up the exceptional customer support, Etekcity!

easy to use, kilos or lbs, etc.

I used this for two int'l trips recently and found it very handy to ensure my bags were within weight limits before getting to airport. This is especially helpful if you shop at your destination & the bags naturally get heavier :)I use the pounds unit of measure, but a friend travelling with me borrowed it & was happy it also uses kilos. Super easy to use. Also, my hotel room was blazing hot and the thermometer feature came in handy when I needed to confirm the temp before asking the hotel to cool it down.

An Absolute Must for the Long Distance/Long Term Traveler!

I love this scale!!! I had traveled a year ago to Africa without having used a scale and was forced to "rebalance" my luggage in the airport. It was quite a nuisance. This year, I purchased the Etecity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale and weighed all my bags beforehand. There were no surprises and I could travel with ease (until the airline lost my bags again...thankfully they turned up a couple of days later!). With all the weight regulations put forth by every single airline, it is imperative that you have a scale to weigh your luggage while you pack. This scale worked great!

Highly recommend! Good Quality product!

This piece is excellent. Well made. Easy to use and compact for us to take in our luggage when traveling. A amazing device to own for travel. If you don't own one I would highly recommend.This will eliminate stress at the airport counter when your unsure of baggage weight. Buy it!!