Bagail Men & Women Waterproof Flat Toiletry Kit for Travel Accessories,Makeup and Shaving


Color: Grey
$ 15.99 USD


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Based on 83 reviews
Overall, good purchase....

Pros:Bag is considerably flatter when packed, which will take less space in my luggage. However, the design of the bag will take some getting used to.Cons:- The expandable part of the bag is NOT the same color as the outside of the bag. Instead, it's the color of the inside of the bag. So, when expanded, it looks odd because one side of the bag is a different color. (See photo.)- The company's logo is significantly sized in white print on the very front of the bag. Not a fan of this! I blotted mine out with permanent marker to make it less noticeable...If they had to put the logo on the outside of the bag, it should've been placed on the side of the bag. However, I do believe a logo on the inside would've sufficed.

Came ripped

I really like the concept of this bag! I didn’t even notice the hole in one of the pockets until after I had put my items inside. Such a bummer it was received ripped before getting any use out of it.


I absolutely love it! I have a red EBAG and use it all of the time. However, I always have to bring a CABOODLE bag for my extra items and it's too bulky. When I saw this, I ordered it right away. It's larger than my EBAG and I transferred everything to the new one and had so much room left over. I like that it has an expandable panel that can be adjusted as needed. One of the compartments is lined in plastic and will come in useful for storing wet items. Now I will have more space in my suitcase along with my packing cubes which I purchased from Amazon last year. I believe this toiletry bag will serve me well for quite a number of years to come. Thank you, Bagail, for providing a quality product.

sadly bigger than listed in the description

it seems to be good quality and is a decent knock-off of the ebags version but i bought it bc the dimensions listed were a few inches smaller than the pack-it-flat (which is too big for my needs) but in reality it’s actually larger than the ebags version. sigh.

No Hanging Hook

No hanging hook. This bag is exceptionally light, larger than I expected and holds a lot of stuff, but unfortunately it did not come with the hanging hook that it claims to have. You can still hang it by the large handle, but not as open and easy to access. If they no longer make the bag with the hanging hook, they need to update the website.


Never received my items

Nice quality

Purchased for my husband after watching a travel show... he says he really likes it.

Nice compartments

While this bag was bigger than I thought (I must not have read the details before purchasing), it is totally functional. I love all the pockets for everything. And the shampoo pocket is waterproof. Ive used it once, but it seems durable.

Organizational dream

I love the size and look forward to using it on my upcoming overseas trip

Holds everything

This toiletry kit holds everything! There are several different compartments for stashing all different sizes of necessities. My concerns about this are as follows: the bag itself is bigger than I expected it to be, making it sometimes awkward for carrying. The hook is too small to fit over some of the hooks or towel bars I encountered. The main compartment is fine for many things, but I’d like to see the front side a little taller; some taller items might fall out too easily. That said, the side compartments fit full size hair brushes, shampoo and some hairspray bottles; the farthest right compartment is expandable.