BAGAIL Compression Packing Cubes Travel Expandable Packing Organizers with Laundry Bag

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Very VERY happy.

The compression bags were outstanding. For years, I have used those take-air-out with vacuum cleaner bags for compression purposes, and invariably they fail all too quickly. All you need with these, is to be attentive to keeping the material out of the zipper path, and voila, fast and very effective. I went on an international trip recently with carry-on only as a result of using these bags. Very happy.(One important point - make sure you buy the compression bags with 2 zippers if you want the compression effect. I got some non-compression bags with one zipper and they are lovely bags- strong and flexible for packing protection- but they do not "compress".)


Received my order

Keeps things organized!

I like the different sizes of the bags so I can pack and organize everything for my luggage. We travel a lot and I have been searching for Well made storage cubes. These fit the bill! They have another zipper in back that expands the storage bag if you need more space to pack things in. The handle up top makes it convenient to hang the bags up on a hook or in the bathroom.

I'm so glad I bought these things.

I'm so glad I bought these things. The compression feature is amazing. I thought they would only be useful for travel, but now I keep an extra jacket scarf hat and gloves in one inside my backpack daily in case the weather turns. I couldn't have fit all that stuff before. They have solid workmanship and the handles are somehow very nice to have too. The long one is nice for hair stuff when traveling, or undergarments. The other two fit an outfit each into smaller space than I thought possible. I feel like my suitcase doubled in size. Used them for a 3 day trip, and packed field gear, office clothes computer and personal items into an underseat bag. I will never travel without these things again. Got home and promptly ordered a second set.

Exactly as advertised!

Packing for 12 days abroad & only taking a backpack (pictured). These bags made it possible! Was able to fit a heavy red coat, rain coat, six shirts, two pairs of jeans, five pairs of socks, pj set, and unmentionables in the black bag pictured. Sunglasses for size reference. Exactly as advertised, worth every penny.

Over pack? No problem!

I over pack. I have now used these cubes four times and was able to get 7 days of clothing (layers), accessories, makeup, curling iron, 3 pair of shoes, etc squeezed into my carry on. This included clothing for hot and cool weather (desert trips that have a huge variance day to night) and extra outfits 'just in case. My carryon is exactly the largest dimension allowed. The great thing is most airlines do not weigh the carryon so over 50 lbs? No problem!

Great space saver and organizer

I bought the full set and used them for my family for a 2 week trip overseas. They were incredibly helpful to keep our clothes organized per person and also compressed to be able to pack our family’s clothes in one large suitcase. We were constantly on the move to a new city every night so we did not get a chance to unpack. We just took our outfits out of the packing cubes as we went. Having the cubes also helped us to keep clean clothes separate from dirty clothes. The zippers held up well even with me stuffing a bunch of clothes inside the cubes. I also use one of the small bags to keep a set of spare clothes for my two small children in our backpack. I liked these cubes so much I ended up buying more for another up coming trip. They really save so much space!

great for my dirty laundry while traveling.

i bought this to put my dirty laundry in while traveling. it used to be that by the end of a trip my laundry bag would take up most of my suitcase. now i can zip this down to reduce the size, which is handy.

Ordered a second set!

Gave my first set to my daughter traveling back and forth to visit us as we live overseas. They were great to increase space in a carry on when they care charging an extra $100 now to get a suitcase on the flight! I used them when I visited and was able to squish a month of summer clothes into the case and have room for all the goodies I bought to bring back to my home in Germany. Great price and great workmanship.

Great bags

Love this brought every color for my family. It has. Made packing so much easier. Especially for my children knowing things are assigned to specific sized bags . I was able to fit 10 days worth of clothes for my 10 yr 5 yr and 2 years old. For myself too. My husband was able to fit 6 days.