BAGAIL 6 Set Compression Packing Cubes Expandable Packing Organizers for Travel Luggage

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Pack more in less space

Reduces bulk, but may need a steam iron at destination.

I used these on a recent five day trip where ...

I used these on a recent five day trip where, on top of all my normal clothing and personal items, I needed to pack a suit and sports coat for events into a carry on suitcase. They really helped everything fit, and nothing was wrinkled when I unpacked. I had no problem with the zippers, just have to be careful it doesn’t catch. From what I remember, I was able to pack five tees, one of which was l/s, and a buttone down shirt in the medium cube. My suit, sports coat and two pairs of pants in the large.

Packing is easy and organized

I use a wheelchair. When traveling I secure a backpack to the back of my chair. Cubes allow packing of bulky winter clothes. Everything is well organized and easy to find.

Awesome packing cubes!

We have several packing cubes - eagle brand, osprey, etc, and these are as good/better than any others. LOVE the compression zip - used these for a Europe backpacking trip, and it was amazing to have all the different size options for helping organize/pack in a small area. Great quality, design. Excellent price, for the win

Does exactly what it claims to do

Packing for a 4 week business trip to southern India March/April (hot). These compression bags do exactly what they say they do and I am quite pleased with the amount of clothing I have been able to fit into each bag.Large (compressed)* 9 women's knee length dressesMedium (compressed)* 1 linen blazer* 1 linen sweater* 1 linen shrug* 1 cotton dressSmall (compressed)* 2 women's yoga capris* 5 women's teesX-Small (compressed)* 4 underwire bras* 1 sports braSlim (uncompressed)* 15 pairs women's underwear

A travel game changer

We're planning a couple of trips in the next 6 months that will work best if we can go without suitcases and take backpacks only. These compression cubes work great to not only compress (as the name implies) but to also keep everything organized so you don't have to dump everything from your pack to find the item you need. A great tool for travel.

Study packing cubes

I have tried packing cubes before but they have come apart after one use. These are super sturdy and the zippers are high quality. I was pessimistic about them being able to compress, but they did! I was shocked at how well they worked. Some of the smaller sizes were weird, like I don't know what to do with them because they are so small. But I did love the addition of the shoe bag. Very helpful

Great for compacting and staying organized!

Took this on a trip with my daughter an used these beautifully colored cubes to organize our belongings. It helped me pack into a smaller suitcase than usual and stay organized throughout the trip, so I could grab things more efficiently! I found I could pack these in a variety of ways in my suitcase, so it was easy to fit all my belongings inside.

Highly recommend

I received these Wednesday and flew out the next day for a 4-day trip. It was amazing how compact & neat everything was in my luggage. I tend to overpack. Just remember that the size is smaller but the weight remains the same. I ordered the large variety which gives you a lot of options to mix & match as needed. I am very pleased & would highly recommend this product.

Highly recommended

I took this on a 10 day trip. I am a over packer! But using these compression bags left me room to bring back gift with no issues because there was so much room within my suitcase.I seen other reviews that complained about the compression zipper getting caught in the material. I used my finger to guide the zipper and had no issues!If your looking to organize your suitcase this is what your looking for!I will report back after I few more uses as for durability.