BAGAIL Compression Packing Cubes Travel Expandable Packing Organizers 4 set

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Color: Purple
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Good Quality

I don't believe this is necessary for packing, however the zippers are strong and stitching is durable.

Very nice

I've always used space bags when traveling but decided to give these a try. I'm very pleased. The first picture (the one with the hanger) is the largest cube. It fit 16 shirts. The second picture (the one with me standing in it) is the second largest cube and it fit about 13 shirts. It's a great way to stay organized. I just bought another set.

Wow! How did I not have these before?!

The quality of these products is fantastic! I love the feel and it gives me a sense of security. I'm an engineer so I always buy things that are high quality because practically that means you should never have to buy anything like it for years in the future. After opening my first bag all the way up I started drooling over the engineering of the zipper! People have used standard straight zippers for years but this is revolutionary! I love that it reinforces itself back over the first part of the zipper that has the most strain on it. After compressing my first bag full of clothes I thought 'Oh my goodness my standards for packing just changed!!' I LOVE the fact that these do the compressing for you! They have always said that rolling up your clothes is the most efficient way to pack and this practically does that for you!Just as an example: I fit 14 pairs of socks in just the 14' L x 5.5' W x 4' T bag which then compressed to 14' L x 5.5' W x 3' T. Right now I'm packing for a trip and can downsize my suitcase because of these!

Create travel bags for the organized traveler

These are great bags that help keep you items organized in your luggage. Also comes with a great storage bag for keeping the bags together when not traveling. The only issue I had is the handle broke off on one of the bags after the first use. Not sure how the other handles will hold up after more trips scheduled.


Absolutely pleased with this purchase. Zippers and fabric are excellent quality. 4 Capri, pair of jeans and 2 tank tops. I had no problem with the zippers. Same for the blue set I purchased.

Will packing making and unpacking so much easier!!

Quality: excellent quality, the fabric is thick, the zippers are smooth, it works well, I don’t see it getting stuck.Design: love these more than the typical packing cubes because it’s easier to store since they compress! Regular packing cubes are much more bulky.Fit: they fit well in a suitcase but I also like them for duffle bags. Things are likely to get mixed together in a large bag and this helps prevent a messy pile up!Overall: the best part of packing cubes is that you feel like an organized adult. During the trip having everything sorted which made life so much easier, especially with two kids under two, and most of their clothes looking the same! It was also easy to put all the dirty clothes in a unused bag. Unpacking after the trip was a lot faster too! I will definitely be buying more, the next one I purchase, I will get the version where you can see what is inside it!

Rose Bunton
Make sure your cubes fit your bag.

The cubes were good , my bag was not the best for the cubes. I need more practice or a new bag. I will make it work.

Travel packing lifesaver

Fantastic product , enables me to pack 3 nights clothes in a fraction of the volume using the medium sized cube. This means I can use the medium cube with plenty of space for camera gear (and even an extra pair of shoes) in the middle compartment and use an ebags flight laptop bag as a single carry on for a weekend trip.

Raylene Baumgart
Cute, durable, perfect sizes, good price!

This is a perfect package for me! I would have preferred a four pack package but this one is teally great looking and looks very durable! I am now all set and resdy for my European vacation. I used the smallest one for my medications and makeup, the mid size one for my under garments and scarves and such and the big one for all my tops of the day to wear over my pants and skirts! I have purchased other packs before but i love this the best!


I was nervous about the mesh not being strong enough but have not found that to be the case. These bags seem strong and are the perfect sizes for my packing.