BAGAIL 8-Pcs Luggage Packing Organizers Packing Cubes for Travel Accessories

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Best organization for packing!

I did think maybe I was being silly getting a bag for a bag, but these were the best!! We just went on a week long cruise and I got one of these for me and my husband. They kept our stuff so organized. It was so easy to unpack and know exactly where everything was. No shuffling through the suitcase looking for something and making a mess. They seriously are the best!


These were awesome! I will admit that I did not use all the cubes but for the ones I did they were perfect and helped out a lot. I also loved the TSA approved toiletry bag which I had no problem getting through a few airports we were in, and the big toiletry bag was put in our check-in, which was nice to have as we knew where that was all organized. These are definitely a must for traveling, even if you're aren't traveling with a lot - they help to keep everything organized and these were great for the price.

Great product at great price

Used these on our trip to Hawaii and loved them. I love organization so I have no clue why it took me this long to buy packing cubes. My only complaint was I wished there was a bigger one but when I arrived in Hawaii I realized there was one I just didnĄŻt see it lol. So this product was great and exactly what I needed. They felt durable, the zippers were smooth, and came with more than enough to pack everything one needs.

Durabiliy and Cute!

Satisfied my needs. Pictured as shown. Seems to be very durable. The cubes are large enough and plenty enough for my packing needs, and I pack for very long trips. I've purchased from this company before and was very satisfied with their products. I did and will recommend this product and I am picky about the things I really like.

A must have while traveling

These bags are amazing! My suitcase was so organized! Very good quality!!

Great travel buy

I have used these many times for traveling. They hold more than I thought they could and a good sturdy zipper. They are light and easy to travel with and put in storage when not using. It's always nice to know your undies aren't going to fly everywhere when you get your bad checked lol!

My husband thought they were ridiculous and a waste of money so I had him Ą°borrowĄą them for ...

I bought these packing cubes for myself for an upcoming trip. My husband thought they were ridiculous and a waste of money so I had him Ą°borrowĄą them for a few of his work trips. IĄŻm still waiting for him to give them back! Guess IĄŻll have to buy another set

Great idea

These were such a great help in packing and also living out of my bag for a week . Everything stayed organized and it was easy to find what I needed . Glad I bought these. They are well made and have the mesh side so you can see what is inside each bag.

Very useful packing cubes. You'll be hooked too!

I recently got a set of packing cubes, and after using it I was hooked. I dare this set and liked the different units in the set. The only one I haven't used yet is the clear TSA approved one for liquids (I usually just use ziploc bags). These are great! I saw people gushing about packing cubes for a few years, and now when I've tried them, I'm hooked. Makes it so easy to organize. I feel like I'm never going to travel without cubes!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I used them for a 9 day trip using a carry on bag. They kept everything neat and organized. My sister took a carryon as well but hers was super heavy and unorganized. We went to 2 cities and packing up in each place was a breeze!!! IĄŻm buying 2 more sets.