BAGAIL 6 Set Packing Cubes Luggage Packing Organizers with Shirt Bag for Travel Accessories


Colour: Black
$ 23.99 USD


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Good quality.

I really like the shirt folder cube. I’m not sure if the largest cube will be useful because I like using many small cubes. Going on a 3 week UK trip in September so I’ll see how it works.

Great space saver and durability!

Love the durability of these packing cubes. They make packing so much easier and convenient; especially for a family of four!The zipper is great quality as well.

Convenient, Sturdy

I already have a set of the bagail packing cubes and loved them so much I bought this set. We travel frequently and many times my children are at camps and on their own for several days. To maximize storage space and keep things in order for them we use them to separate their bottoms, tops, socks and underwear. Kids love them because it keeps everything in its place.


Used these organizers several times, and looks like everything (zipper and bag) is holding on, unlike some we've used where zippers are getting stuck and rips on the bag after a few uses/ Purchased again a few, and also gave them as gifts to friends.

Making a good product better

I purchased my third set of bags �C getting the new 6-piece set now offered.The experience was easy �C the site is very clear and gives a clear picture of what is available. Selection is easy and then payment is too. I used Amazon and once ordered the package arrived quickly.The basic package continues to have the same pluses �C lightweight and strong plastic with good quality zippers that have not given me any trouble. The new package has a couple of good new features. One is it comes with two small, virtually cubicle bags good for collecting small things �C like toiletries or belts/jewelry. They are handy. Second is the shirt folding directions and capability. The new thing is the bag having a Velcro flap to use to hold the shirt in place once placed in the bag. In addition, there are a couple of rigid plastic sheets, one of which has folding instructions. The sheets can be used as an aid to folding properly so the folded shirt (or skirt) fits perfectly in the bag with the velcro flap. I am not sure if the intent is to leave the sheet in the sheet or take it out once the shirt is folded. Either way, it seems an efficient way to make use of the bag �C it guarantees the shirt fills the bag so a maximum number of shirts can be put into the bag. I like this a lot.So this has been excellent throughout. Good experience shopping. Good product that has gotten better. I find them useful in keeping things organized when traveling. And their ad mentioned keeping things straight for the next trip �C using them to store stuff while at home. Had not thought of that and a great idea.

Works, but not good looking

They work well for what's is made, specially how they fit together to take advantage of the suitcase size. But somehow I find myself using more the ones that I have from Amazon. And, in the end, I don't like how they look.

Works great

made my suitcase organized

Great buy

Love these it made it so easy to pack I could find things when I unpacked easily.

Family of 5 packing at ease

These have worked great for an over night family vacation. We used one set for a family of 5. Made everyone’s sorting and finishing their specific items so easy

Good buy

Cheaper than most and works the same