BAGAIL 5 Set Travel Packing Cubes Luggage Carry On Packing Organizers with YKK Zippers


Color: Black
$ 24.99 USD


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Packing cube, carry bag -- this set is great!

I just received this set of packing cubes and they are terrific! This is my second set from Bagail and I really like how versatile and handy this set is. One of the best things about this set is that each of the 5 bags has a handle on one side, so they are easy to pick up and carry and great for stacking. I bought these as a gift for my sister when we go to Greece. The convenience of being able to separate by type of clothing or by travel events is a huge plus. We often travel from one climate to another and the packing cubes allow one to keep all the hot weather clothes separate from the colder weather items, making it easier to see what to grab and wear.The zippers on these cubes are super sturdy and I only buy the ones that have a mesh cover, which helps keep the clothes inside a bit fresher. And I can see what is in each! There are two large, two medium and one smaller bag which all fit perfectly in a checked bag. I bought the burgundy, which is a little more purple than they look on screen. I'm really glad because I didn't want an overly-girly color!If I could add one item to the Bagail range of packing cubes it would be to have a set of assorted colors or even a gradation of shades. That way, I would know without searching that I will find my shirts in the blue one and my shorts and capris in the green one. I suppose if I keep getting more packing cubes, I could create my own rainbow of bags!

Angela H.


Just like was advertised

What arrived was exactly what I was expecting. I haven’t yet use them my trip is in a couple weeks but I’m really anxious they look like they would very well save a lot of

Monique P. McCorvey

I have 2 sets of Bagail packing cubes, regular and compression, and they‘re great! Super convenient and makes travel much easier. Their customer service is also fantastic!

Robin Griffin
Love them!

Used for a cruise and it helped me stay organized. So far so good.

laura sweiss hula
Organize your travel

Helps organize

Michael N.
Build to last

You get a pack of 5 lightweight cubes of different sizes. Made of sturdy nylon, these bags are well built. Zipper goes smoothly, mesh will help keeping clothes fresh. Overall quality of the finish is quite good. Full-size cube is useful to carry shirts, smaller one for underwear and socks, and the smallest one for accessories and such

Robin Villers
Great for traveling!

Great for keeping your clothes organized in your suitcase....makes unpacking so much easier!!!

Amazon Fan
Convenient packing & storage

The packing cubes are of convenient sizes and love the fact that they are semi transparent which makes it easy to identify what you have packed. I have not yet used it for travel, but will be certainly be able to put it to good use!

Excellent Gift Idea!

I do organizing and I like the shape and construction of these packing cubes. I like being able to have a view of what is inside plus they breathe so they compress when packing. I bought these as a gift. The color of the cubes is not as vibrant as shown in the picture online.