4 Set Packing Cubes,Travel Luggage Packing Organizers with Laundry Bag Or Toiletry Bag

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Color: Blue
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Great product (and in a color to match my suitcase!)

The set of 4 packing cubes from Bagail does the trick for me. Strong nylon and zippers that look like they will be good for many years. The mesh vents them and makes it easy to see what's inside. 'Cubes' is not quite right - they are rectangular and bout 4 inches high. You can pack a lot in them! When I got the first order I immediately ordered a second set. Organized packing is wonderful!

Dirty with shaving hairs in the bag.

Package looks nice and good quality but so disappointed with hygiene. They sent over the bag with tiny shaving hair, must be from previous users returning the package. So concerning!

Very well organized.

I just received my order and I love how much clothing and other items I can store into these bags effortlessly. I highly recommend these cubes for traveling. I ordered purple to match my suitcase.

Will they hold up?

I love how sturdy they are and how thick the fabric is .also how it has two zippers the only thing I can say I dont like is there not the compression packing cubes. We took them on a plane ride to a cruise to Jamaica.

Keeping organized and clutter free in my suitcase

I absolutely loved this product. Finally I was able to keep everything organized. I like the fact everyone used their own cube I was able to pack so much in each. I was able to 7 T-shirt’s ,6 pairs of shorts and 7 briefs in the large cube. It comes with 4 different sizes I used the small one for toiletries. And best part is that it has a mesh covering so u can see contents. And zippers are sturdy !!! Only wish this brand had diffrent colors so each person can be assigned their individual cube

Love it!

I feel a lot more organized with this. No more digging through my suitcase to find socks... I have traveled so much in my life. I can't believe that I'm only just now discovering this. The material looks durable and I love the mesh that allows me to see what's inside.

Make Packing So Easy

I am an organized person, so these make my life so much easier! I ordered one set and loved them so much that I ordered another set for my husband. All of my family will likely get a set for gifts as well. Great way to keep your clothing from moving around in your suitcase. Keeps wrinkling to a minimum. Each cube really holds a lot of clothes...much more than you would think.

Quality there, but color (blue)off

The bags are fine and seem light, yet sturdy. My biggest disappointment was the color, I ordered blue, that appears sky/light blue online. Upon arrival I was shocked at the difference between the advertised color and the actual color. It is a bright aqua. I would not have picked this color had they been advertised this way, still keeping because they do the job they’re supposed to.

Comparison Shopper , very happy

I couldn't decide between the more expensive shacke brand and the bagall brand, that was 5$ cheaper. So I got both brands to test them out. Today they arrived in the same box and from all apearences they are the same. The quality and sizes are seemingly identical. The zippers are not exactly the same. Shacke brand seems to be a better zipper and yes the fabric is a bit thicker , but really it's hardly noticable. So if you are wondering if you should go for bagall , or spend the extra cash, they are really not that different. The zipper I'd the only real difference , so Iplan to update this review if it dosen't work out .

10 Day Trip and it all fit.

This product is a wonderful tool for space saving. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to travel and stay organized during the duration of their trip. Great price and lots of value. Thank you