BAGAIL 7 pcs Packing Cubes Expandable Packing Organizers for Travel Accessories


Color: Blue
$ 16.99 USD


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Wonderful or organization

I received this set of packing cubes a few days ago. I have been packing and repacking this set to see how I like it. I believe I like it better than my other. Maybe because it is a little different and has an extra bag. I won't be using them until May. I all ready have a different set from Bagail and got these in addition. They seem to be well made. I really like the quality of the material. I zipped and unzipped each bag a couple of times and the zippers worked great. The bag for intimates is really nice. One side has 3 mesh separations which could hold a couple bras, socks etc. each. The three larger bags are all mesh on one side, which makes it easy to see whats in them. The shoe bag is really nice also. It keeps your shoes separate from the clothes. Each bag holds several items. The largest would be able to easily put a jacket in. The small clear bag is great for your liquid and gel items. These are just wonderful for organizing your suitcase. They keep everything in order. I go on camping trips with my daughter quite often. I had to live out of my suitcase and it was always a big mess. Now everything organized and neat. YEA for Bagail. I recommend these if you do any traveling. You will be really happy using these.

It was a gift and was really happy with the 7 piece cube system.

The picture ordered is accurate with the color. It is very light weight so would not compromise adding more weight to luggage. With 7 pieces offered and in different sizes, it can accommodate all sized and types of luggage used. Love it that it came with a handle for each organizer for convenience. I would definitely order one for myself to use on my next trip.

Perfect travel set!

This travel set is the perfect combination! When packing for a family itĄŻs incredibly helpful to have color-coded cubes to organize everyoneĄŻs items. These packing cubes store your items neatly so you donĄŻt have to unpack and repack on your trip! I had a simple set of packing cubes before and always struggled to find a way to carefully pack bras. The underwear bag that comes with this set is the missing link! Bras stack nicely and thereĄŻs a separate pocket for underwear. This set also comes with a bag to pack shoes separate from your clothes and a larger bag thatĄŻs perfect for separating dirty laundry. The material is great quality and easy to clean. Highly recommended!

Changed packing for me forever!

I love these. Great quality. Got twice as much in my suitcase. Thanks.



All 7 pieces filled fit neatly in 24" rolling luggage.

Great quality. Color/pattern as expected. Very roomy and effective. Keeps everything organized as I travel.

A packing essential

We tried these packing cubes for our trip to Europe and they were awesome. For a couple and a baby, we were able to bring just one medium sized suitcase for the three of us for over 3 weeks. They compress everything so small and their square shape makes it easy to organize within the suitcase. EveryoneĄŻs clothes could be kept separate and brought out as needed. It also made it easier to stay organized in tiny hotel rooms, as each cube could be brought out as needed. At one point our bag was overweight so we just popped out one cube and brought it as a carry-on when boarding the flight. They feel high quality and the zippers are tough. I love them! Will never travel without them again.

These Are Awesome!!!

These make packing so easy! I packed for two weeks with these.

love the packing cubes

love the packing cubes.. they kept my clothes organize, easy to find my outfits for the day when i was on vacation. Will continue use them.. I had one of the cubes coming apart from the threads, the company replaced the bags..

Travel organisers

These are THE BEST!!! I travel 7 months the year, and thee are an absolute life saver in packing