On long vacation trips, I’ll sometimes carry a spare duffel bag with me just for carrying a few pairs of shoes so that it doesn’t get the rest of my clothes dirty. I would place them in plastic bags and just toss them in a duffel bag. Now that I have these bags from Bagail, I can keep them more slightly organized and if I just want to bring one or two pairs with me I can put them inside my larger suitcase and only bring one luggage with me.

There are four bags per set and I chose the small size which fits all of my shoes (both men’s and women’s) just fine, with one pair per bag. The bag is made of nylon so it is pretty thin, lightweight, and does not take up any more room than a plastic bag would. I like how it stores flat so I can always bring an extra one with me and put it on the bottom of my luggage and not even notice it there until I need to. The zipper zips up easily and the bag expands quite a bit so it fits even my larger dress shoes with no issues.

Highly recommended, 5/5 stars.

This product was provided as a sample for my review. These opinions are solely mine and are unbiased and honest and not influenced in any way by the seller.