This is a super well made and high quality set of packing cubes. The small one can hold the equivalent of 1 bathtowel, the next size up 2 bath towels, the 3rd size up 3 bathtowels (see my video - I have 2 in that size cube and there is more space in it) and the largest cube can hold 6 bathtowels. I hope those examples give you a better idea of how much space there is in each. In addition they included a VERY nice drawstring bag which is perfect for dirty laundry. The entire set is not cheap in any way and they've used high quality fabric (not thin nylon) and good zippers. NOTE: My set of black cubes have blue contrast trim rather then the all black the merchant photo shows. Amazon required disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All words and photo/video here are my own.