I bought this backpack back in May of 2016 for my first year in medical school, and it's held up pretty well considering how much stuff I pack into it and how often it gets tossed around during the day. One of the magnets for the leather straps did fall off, but it's alright because I use this bag for more than just school. I've used it for traveling, hiking, and camping, so it's gotten very good use out of it and has proven to be pretty durable.

Pros: it's a cute, comfortable bag and it fits my Macbook Pro, a 2 inch binder, a few books (BRS and First Aid) and a charger all at once. It also can hold many snacks, which is important since I am in class or at the hospital most of the day.

Cons: it could use more space inside the main pouch and less flimsy front magnets.

Who is this bag for: I wouldn't recommend it for middle or high schoolers unless they have a locker at school. I do carry a lot of books, but I also recall that there were a lot of binders and large textbooks that I needed to carry in high school, so I don't know if there'd be enough space. This is great for anyone in college or at a higher level of education since you typically are able to travel back and forth from your dorm to class. Even if you just need a personal travel bag to carry your electronics, this may be good, but it would not work as a good substitution to a carry-on luggage.