I am a heavy user of mesh laundry bags. I use them not just for finaries but for making sorting of the laundry easier. I have purchased Whitmore, Honey-can-do, and HomeFlav mesh bags in the past. However my favorite mesh bags are LoopsLiving which have the same design as these mesh bags with one exception. LoopsLiving bags have a loop that allows the bags to be hung so I can sort items into them all through the week. I modified Kakalu bags by adding loops to them, this took less than 10 minutes.

I like this type of bags best because they have an elastic loop that keeps the zipper from opening during the wash and dry cycle. You need to pulls he zipper past the elastic bag after you close the zipper to make it work. It is rather annoying to find the mesh bag open after the wash is done. It never happens if the mesh bags have these elastic loops.

I also like the tight mesh on these bags better than bag with large mesh. The tight mesh keeps hooks and buttons inside the bag, the holes are too small for pesky hooks to stick out their fangs out of the bag.

The package contains 5 bags: large, medium and small as well as a small round bag meant for bras.

Bag sizes:
* Super Large mesh bag: 24" x 24"
* Large mesh bag: 20" x 16" (two of them)
* Medium mesh bag : 15" x 12" (two of them)

My favorite is the super large bag - when things are loose in the bag they dry better so the super large and large bags get the most use.

In terms of longevity,  the oldest mesh bags I own are 3 years.  They have been used on weekly basis, despite their thinness they held up well - no holes, the zippers still work, the elastic still holds the zipper closed during laundry. Out of all the bags I had I had through the years only one had a problem: I yanked on the zipper too hard and pulled the lock off the zipper so it came off at the end - lesson learned don't yank, be gentle!
You can find it on Amazon by following this link. 

Ali Julia review ★★★★★