Buying Packing Cubes was my first time using packing cubes, and I'm hooked! I can't believe how much easier everything was. I wasn't completely sold on the concept at first, but I had a ton to pack and didn't want to check any luggage, so I figured for $20 it would be worth a shot.

I recently took a very busy trip, Thursday to Monday, including a 10k race and a costume party on one day. I only took a carry-on on this trip, and still somehow managed to get everything I needed and leave my backpack almost empty so I could bring souvenirs home in that.

I used the large, medium, and small. The medium and large are almost the same size. I chose not to use the extra large because it seemed like it took up too much room to really be helpful in keeping anything organized. All three fit in my bag and left plenty of room to shove additional items in-between, like my running shoes. The small cube held all my tops for the weekend, the medium my bottoms, and the large fit both costumes I needed for Saturday, including a pair of flats - this cube wound up holding a dress, undergarments for that dress, thick running tights, a top, and a bulky vest. I just shoved my other shoes in the bag, but used the laundry bag for my nasty running shoes on the way home. It was a bit like playing Tetris, but it was an organized way to shove lots of things in rather than wrinkling everything in every corner and having to sort through once I got to my hotel.

As for the cubes themselves, they were very well constructed. Even the most packed one never felt like it was bursting at the seams, and the vibrant colors matched my suitcase perfectly.

During the trip itself, my sister and I even used the smallest cube in our day pack to hold certain things we wanted to keep separate for everything else in the backpack. (Inhaler, medicine, sunblock.) Quite handy!

I don't know that I can ever travel without these again. Once home, they easily zip inside one another and can be flattened for easy storage.